Free Menu Uninstaller Pro 1.30 – Uninstall Applications From The Context (Right Click) Menu

imageIf you’re a power user, and a fan of the right click context menu, then you might consider adding MenuUninstaller Pro to your setup.

MenuUninstaller Pro is a free Context Menu alternative to the Windows Add or Remove Programs applet, which will allow you to quickly uninstall an application without having to search out an application’s native uninstaller (assuming there is one).

I’ve reviewed this application several times but, there have been significant improvements to this freebie since I last looked at MenuUninstaller.


A not unfamiliar sight – Consider carefully as to whether installation is in your best interest.


Should you choose not to install the Babylon Toolbar, the setup executable for this component will still be installed to a temp file. This type of behavior is much more common in freeware applications than users realize and, unless a HIPS component  flashes a warning – it’s probable that you will not be aware of what’s happening in the background.

Illustrated – PC Tools Firewall popup.


This is not harmful behavior. If you like you can open the file, using Notepad, for example, to take a quick peek.


Notepad view – it’s not necessary for you to read machine language. Generally, there is sufficient information (in plain old English), which will allow you to get a handle on what you’re dealing with.


A quick walkthrough:

In the following example, I’ve right clicked on the selected programs icon (EaseUS Todo Backup)  on the Desktop, then clicked on “Uninstall”.


Previous users of this app will notice a huge improvement in the user interface, with access to substantial information not available in previously reviewed versions.


If you follow the same removal process, you will be asked for confirmation (a just in case moment).

image  image

Fast facts:

Full software & Registry information view.

Open Installation folder.

Browse to support /about/update page.

Export Software & Registry information to a text file.

Find any software installed on your computer in a sec, just start to write few first letters of the software name and you will see it.

Categorized views will help you to decide what programs to remove by dividing software into categories:

Large software size view

Last Install Date view

Software Updates view

Export software list into a csv file and open it in Microsoft Excel. This file can be used to calculate software size, manage history and create charts & graphs.

Save time by uninstalling a batch of programs. Just select the programs you want to remove and start uninstall. You will also see the software size you about to remove.

To prevent other users from uninstall your software by mistake (using Menu-uninstaller pro), there is a lock mechanism that ensures your safety.

System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 (32/64 Bit).

Available languages: Deutsch, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Russian.

Download at: Developer’s site (LeizerSoft).

Menu Uninstaller Pro can be launched without access though the context menu.


Menu Uninstaller Pro – A quick video overview:


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6 responses to “Free Menu Uninstaller Pro 1.30 – Uninstall Applications From The Context (Right Click) Menu

  1. hipockets

    Hi again —
    Two attractive features of MenuUninstaller Pro are the ability to export software & Registry information to a text file and export the software list to a csv file. Nice! — especially the registry items. I’m anxious to find out how complete the registry entries for a given program are.

    One obvious question — Does it search for leftover files and registry entires, à la Revo Uninstaller? Since you did not cover this, I have to imagine that the answer is, “No”.

    • Hey Hipockets,

      A darn good question and one that I don’t know the answer to. But, on the next go-round (with either Revo or MenuUninstaller), I’ll make a point of including this info.



  2. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    This could be useful, thanks for the info. Presumably it does not do quite such a thorough job of clearing up leftover files as Revo Uninstaller.

    Kind regards

    • Hi John,

      Since redirection is the in-thing these days – I’ll send you over to my reply to Hipockets. 🙂

      You guys are one step ahead of me with this super question. I should have been on top of this, but……