Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – January 11, 2012

How to steal an identity in seven easy steps – Stealing another’s identity requires no professional hacking experience, just common sense. A software engineer points the way.

Get Organized: Clean Up Your Passwords – If you haven’t changed your most important passwords in a long time, take 15 minutes today to do it. Here’s how to approach the task sanely, and get it done right.

How to Make Your Windows PC Boot Faster – Looking to slash your Windows PC’s boot time to the bone? We’ll show you how we made one system boot 30 percent faster–without any hardware upgrades.

OldChromeRemover Frees Up Disk Space Used by Old Versions of Chrome – We’ve mentioned before that Chrome stores old versions on your hard drive, which can eventually take up lots of space. OldChromeRemover is a simple app that will free that space back up for you.

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Microsoft releases seven bulletins – 2012’s first Patch Tuesday has seven bulletins, including the postponed bulletin from December 2011 that addresses the BEAST style information disclosure. Talking about changes in schedules, Microsoft also released a bulletin MS11-100 for ASP.NET originally planned for this January between Christmas and New Years of 2011, which you might have missed.

The Big Hits of CES 2012, So Far – Most of the big announcements at the annual gadget show have been made. Here are the phones, tablets, computers, TVs and more that will make a difference this year.

Google Search Integrates Google+: Your Friends in Your Search Results – Google’s adding a new feature to its search engine that will personalize your search results based on your Google+ account activity. Dubbed “search, plus your world,” it will push content from you and your Google+ network into search results.

How to create an all-in-one Windows 7 install disk – You are probably tired of carrying around multiple editions of Microsoft Windows 7 when servicing PCs for your clients or users. Instead, make a master copy of your Windows 7 disk that contains all the editions you need. It’s simple, really. All it takes is a quick tool download, a disk rip, a setup modification, and a save to a DVD or thumb drive.

Reader Q&A: Troubleshoot DVD Drive, Customize Windows Media Player – Learn how to troubleshoot (and possibly fix) a confused DVD drive and tell Windows Media Player where to get its music.

PC Dies Before It Can Begin to Boot – Since you can’t boot off a CD or flash drive, and therefore can’t use a live Linux variant, you’ll have to remove the hard drive from the old computer and attach it to another computer as a second drive. I can’t tell you how to remove the hard drive for your particular model, but you can probably find instructions online. It isn’t difficult.

Company News:

Google: Less Than 1 Percent of Android Devices Run Latest OS – Google says only 0.6 percent of Android devices run Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of the Android mobile operating system.

Zoho ‘Socializes’ Its CRM – Many technology pundits predict that social media and the integration of it with small business websites and applications is a hot marketing trend to watch for 2012. Clearly Zoho agrees, as its latest version of Zoho CRM aptly demonstrates. We take a look at what’s changed and what new features the small business CRM cloudware offers.

Dish Network’s New DVR System Can Record 6 HD Shows Simultaneously – Dish Network takes DVRs to the next level with the ability to record six HD-quality shows at the same time.

Avira Teams with for Facebook Security – Avira and announced at CES 2012 in Las Vegas that they are joining forces to deliver broader, more comprehensive security for users. The Avira Internet Security 2012 bundle will include Facebook security services from

Off Topic (Sort of):

New Glasses Change Focus With a Touch – Young people tend to be on the cutting edge of change and most new tech products are marketed to them. But to really understand Empower glasses, you need to be at least middle-aged. That’s because these digital lenses solve a real problem for people with bifocals or progressive lenses.

Establish a Digital Photo Editing Process That Works – The order in which you perform photo editing tasks matters: Here’s how to do it right.

220 Million Domains and Counting – There is continued demand for .com and .net top level domains as the market for generic top level domains is about to break wide open. While new TLDs will soon be on the scene, for the third quarter of 2011, .com and .net grew by a total of 7.9 million new registrations in the quarter. The third quarter tally is a 5.9 percent gain over the third quarter of 2010. There are now 112 million .com and .net registered domain names.

Are Data Recovery Services Safe? – Security isn’t the primary focus of those seeking to get back the trade secret documents from the boss’s crashed laptop, according to a report commissioned by the Ponemon Institute.

Today’s Quote:

“There are admirable potentialities in every human being. Believe in your strength and your youth. Learn to repeat endlessly to yourself, ‘It all depends on me.’”

–     Andre Gide

Today’s Free Downloads:

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) – This open-source image editor packs a surprising amount of power, and is well-designed, if a bit eccentric in layout. It compares favorably to the power of Photoshop, and includes many of the kinds of photo-editing tools that come with that program, including filters, effects, masks, layers, and more.

AdaptableGIMP – GIMP is a powerful photo editing program, but the sparse interface is somewhat unforgiving–and some typically simple tasks are complicated processes. The open-source add-on AdaptableGIMP transforms the program by making it far easier to do common editing tasks.

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