Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – January 10, 2012

Mobile Security 6.0 for Android released – NQ Mobile released Mobile Security 6.0 for Android as a free download. This update offers Android users several new features to protect their privacy and financial information, as well as improvements to the user interface.

The Best iPad Business Apps – Stay productive on the go with mobile office suites, remote access clients, file syncing programs, and other useful business applications designed for the iPad.

US customs can and will seize laptops and cellphones, demand passwords – If you don’t like the idea of the US government reading the sensitive contents of your computer, you may wish to take steps before you travel there.

FDIC malware attack targets businesses – A spammed out email claims to be a notification from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) about your bank. But don’t open the attachment! It contains malware designed to infect your Windows computer.

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Zeus returns: FBI warns of ‘Gameover’ ID-theft malware – A new variant of the notorious Zeus identity-theft Trojan is making the rounds and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) says it is capable of defeating common methods of user authentication employed by financial institutions.

7 Cool Ways to Charge Your Cell Phone in a Pinch – We rely on our tech gadgets for so many things that we feel lost without them. Where would we be, for example, if our cell phones (gasp!) ran out of juice in the middle of our day? It’s not always possible to recharge them via standard means like a travel charger or car charger accessory, so it helps to have a plan B, just in case. Here are 7 cool ways you can charge your cell phone in a pinch.

CES Highlight: Ice Cream Sandwich Novo7 Tablet Costs $100 – The Novo7 tablet is powered by a 1GHz CPU built by MIPS and an application processor from Ingenic Semiconductor. The tablet, which will soon be offered with 8-inch and 9-inch displays, will be available in the United States within several months for only $100.

Exploit code for recent ASP.NET DoS flaw made public – The ASP.NET DoS flaw that has recently been revealed at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin has been patched by Microsoft in almost record time, but users who have not already implemented the patch should definitely hop to it as the proof-of-concept exploit code for the vulnerability has been made public.

Linux Rings in the New Year with 3.2 Kernel – Among the major enhancements in the 3.2 kernel is a pair of improvements to two Linux filesystems. The Ext4 filesystem is getting a boost that will see filesystem blocks grow to up to 1 MB in size up from the traditional 4 KB.

Celebrate Lunar New Year With Chinese Dragons: Chinese Dragons Windows 7 Theme – In Asian cultures, dragons bring rain to parched lands and assure good luck and prosperity. Lunar New Year parades worldwide feature dancing dragons to bestow blessings upon everyone gathered. This Chinese Dragon Windows 7 theme features five striking photographs of colorful dragons, all provided courtesy the DeviantArt online community.

Company News:

Web of Trust reaches 30 million downloads – Web of Trust (WOT), the world’s leading community-powered safe surfing tool, continues its strong growth. It reached the milestone of 30 million downloads on Monday the 9th of January. WOT aims to multiply its user base in 2012, and confirm its position that crowd sourcing is an effective safety mechanism on the web.

Netgear unites home networking and storage – A CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award Honoree, the NETGEAR Media Storage Router (WNDR4700) embodies the intersection of two of the most important consumer technology trends of the last few years: The desire to store and stream large amounts of HD content and other media around the home and the need for high-speed, secure wireless connectivity for the rapidly growing number of Internet enabled devices in the home.

Iomega Introduces Desktop NAS for Small Businesses – The storage specialist, which focuses on small businesses, distributed enterprises and consumers, unveiled the Iomega StorCenter ix2, a two-bay desktop network storage device.

NetApp Becomes Latest Vendor to Raise Disk Drive Prices – NetApp this week announced to customers that beginning Feb. 6, it will be raising the price of hard disk drives in its storage systems by 5% to 15% because of worldwide supply shortages.

Off Topic (Sort of):

MIT to open up some courses to global audience — free, online – It appears that two of the nation’s top technology universities are now competing in the free, online classroom space. Stanford is now launching its second semester of free, online tech courses, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced it also will soon be launching online courses that will be free and open to the world. And, in the process, plans to offer certificates to students successfully completing the coursework.

Paybacks are hell: Parental spying prompts infiltration of German police system – A policeman in Germany decided to install spyware on his daughter’s computer only to have a friend of hers hack his computer in retribution. The result? The compromise of the German federal surveillance system known as Patras.

Five persistent Web application myths – Whenever I write about Web applications, I get a number of responses that reflect a variety of myths and misunderstandings about Web applications and the cloud. Given that it looks like we’ve reached the event horizon on Web applications, it’s time to clear up some of the most persistent myths about Web applications.

TV for Human Beings: Ubuntu Linux – Ubuntu Linux fans will recognize this story’s title as a play on the operating system’s slogan: Ubuntu: Linux for human beings. Now, Canonical, Ubuntu’s parent company, is taking on Apple and Google by trying to make Ubuntu the operating system of choice for all-in-one Internet, cable, and satellite TV: Ubuntu TV.

Israeli Official Compares Cyber Attack to Terrorist Operation – Israeli authorities are investigating a cyber attack Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon described as being akin to a “terrorist operation.”

Today’s Quote:

“It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them.”

–      P. G. Wodehouse

Today’s Free Downloads:

SpringPublisher 2.3 – SpringPublisher is a professional and easy to use desktop publishing software. With its included various templates and online template store, powerful multi-layer editor, detailed help-files, SpringPublisher enables you to design and print Business Card, Flyer, Postcard, Letterhead and other artworks within a few minutes.

Hotspot Shield 2.47 – Hotspot Shield creates a virtual private network (VPN) between your laptop and the wireless router. This impenetrable tunnel prevents snoopers and hackers from viewing anything you send over a wireless network.

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