Free LiberKey Version 5.5 – A Computer Toolbox On A Stick

image LiberKey (which I’ve reviewed previously – version 4.1 – March 2010), is a compilation of freeware, and open source  portable applications, offered in three flavors that can be installed on, and run from, a USB drive.

Additionally, the application can just as easily be installed, and run, from a Hard Drive. In fact, for this updated test and review, that’s exactly what I choose to do – installing LiberKey to my F: drive. You might consider a similar solution – an install to a Flash drive and a further install to your HD.

Available applications cover a huge area of interest including Audio, Video, Graphics, Internet, Games, Security, Education, System, and more.

Basic suite: 13 Applications, Installed size: 120.51 MB

Standard suite: 83 Applications, Installed size: 561.61 MB

Ultimate suite:  144 Applications, Installed size: 711.47 MB

As an bonus, more applications can be added at a later date using LiberKey’s catalogue. Additionally, you have the option of building your own LiberKey platform.

There have been major changes since I first reviewed LiberKey. This time out, on launching the application, you will find that you are presented with a blank  LiberKey menu applet. I’m not convinced that this


You will then have the opportunity to select the most appropriate suite for your needs as per the following screen capture. I’m not convinced that this process is instinctive, but……



I choose the Ultimate edition adding (144 applications), which took approximately  11 minutes to download and install (in a single seamless process), to my Hard Drive. The same install to a Flash Drive, ate up roughly 30 minutes.



Following installation, you’ll notice that the Menu has been populated.


The portable application launcher is user friendly, and no learning curve is involved, as the following screen capture indicates. In this example, simply clicking on FastStone Image Viewer, brought up the application.


With so many applications to choose from, finding the right tool for the job could be a bit of a hassle. But, the developers have anticipated this and provided a pop out description of each application – making it easy to put your finger on just the right tool.


Fast facts:


Ready to use.

Portable applications.

Automatic online updates.

You can synchronize the display of the online catalog with your LiberKey.

This can help you to locate applications that could interest you.

System requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7

Download at:

The developers have put up a short install demo video you might find worthwhile viewing.


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6 responses to “Free LiberKey Version 5.5 – A Computer Toolbox On A Stick

  1. Hey Bill,

    I have liberkey installed on a second drive along side of portable apps program from They both seem to have a few valuable programs that the other one doesn’t have. It not only saves room on C drive but just the fact that they auto update all the portable programs so I don’t have to is awesome.

    Not having to reinstall all those apps and change the settings If I have to reformat windows is an added bonus.

    The only thing I have found out through trial and error is it’s better for me not to use the firefox or thunderbird portable programs because there were a few complications that I ran into so I went back to using the non-portable for both. With that said, I use a ton of these portable apps instead of installing the full programs.

    Great program and article

    • Hey TeX,

      Yes!! The benefits of a secondary drive can’t be overemphasized. The flexibility it allows (as you explain in your comment), is invaluable.

      You make a good point re: Like you, I run combos of each.

      Great comment – thanks.



  2. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    Like TeXaCo, I have had problems with portable Firefox (latest version). Said it was configured to use a proxy that did not work on my machine. Yet the installed version works fine on the same machine (earlier versiion of Firefox).

    BTW, while doing some maintenance on a friend’s machine yesterday, I came across a portable version of Revo Uninstaller, which I did not know existed. It is now firmly nailed to my repair flash drive.

    Kind regards