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Can My Neighbor and I Share an Internet Connection? – The basic concept is simple: You (or your neighbor) subscribes to an Internet service through your phone or cable company. You set up a router with secure Wi-Fi (which you should do, anyway), make sure you have a powerful enough signal to reach your neighbor’s home, and give them the Wi-Fi password. Then the neighbor cancels their Internet service, accesses the Internet through yours, and pays you a monthly fee.

Microsoft To Give ‘Microsoft Flight’ Away for Free? – It looks like Microsoft Flight, Microsoft’s casual-friendly revamp of its Flight Sim series, will finally be available this spring — what’s more, it’ll be downloadable and won’t cost a thing. To fly around Hawaii, that is. Sign in with your Games for Windows LIVE account, adds Microsoft, and you’ll receive additional free content, from extra missions to “the legendary Boeing Stearman plane” (it sounds like MS Flight will also support game achievements).

BlackBerry PlayBook Apps: 7 Must-Have Downloads – Here are seven great applications for BlackBerry PlayBook tablets — many of which are free. You must employ BlackBerry App World with a valid BlackBerry ID to download the apps spotlighted in this post. Find more information on BlackBerry ID on RIM’s Website.

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Over 1M pages compromised in massive SQL injection attack – At the beginning of December researchers from the Internet Storm Center spotted a relatively limited SQL attack – about 80 affected pages – redirecting visitors of legitimate websites to malicious ones serving fake AV and fake Adobe Flash. Now, little over a month later, the number of affected websites surpassed one million and became officially large enough for sounding the alarm again.

Tips From IT Professionals on How to Handle Virtual Desktops, Wireless, Network Performance Issues – Schools are for learning, and the information technology and security professionals who support networks and applications in the nation’s K-12 and university systems are discovering new tactics in what can be challenging IT environments. Here we talk to four professionals in the education realm to get a sense for their top IT issues and what they do to handle them.

100 Million users exposed in hacks of popular Chinese sites – Chinese Internet users are getting a taste of what users in the Western world have already become accustomed to: changing their online passwords and fearing that their credit card and other personal and financial information was stolen and will be misused by cyber crooks.

Two Small Business Security Threats for 2012 – Of McAfee Labs’ list of 10 security threats for 2012, two pose a problem for small businesses. Paul Mah explains what you need to know.

Anonymous Targets Neo-Nazi Sites: Anti-Hate Groups Condemn Action – A new website launched by the hacker collective known as Anonymous is targeting the neo-Nazi movement in Germany. The new site,, contains names and other personal information Anonymous claims to have captured from a variety of extreme right wing websites, including Thor Steiner, which used to be a popular apparel shop with modern goosesteppers, and the Junge Freiheit newspaper, which has filed a lawsuit against the site’s operators.

Foxit Reader – Foxit Reader is a fast, free, lightweight alternative to Adobe Reader for opening and displaying PDF files. It’s also feature-packed, though it lacks print-to-PDF and conversion capabilities.

Company News:

Risk Control 6.0 released – Skybox Security announced Risk Control 6.0, featuring enhancements that help understand cyber security situations and act quickly to minimize risks that can lead to cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Open source computing platform Apache Hadoop 1.0 released – The Apache Software Foundation announced Apache Hadoop 1.0, the open source software framework for scalable, distributed computing. The project’s latest release marks a major milestone six years in the making, and has achieved the level of stability and enterprise-readiness to earn the 1.0 designation.

Microsoft is pulling out of CES and it’s not a good thing – CES won’t be the same without Microsoft. But Deb Shinder is not even sure Microsoft will be the same without CES.

Google Takes a Step Toward Fighting Android Fragmentation – Support for the Android’s “Holo” theme will be mandatory for phones and tablets that have the Android Market installed.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Online scam susceptibility of American consumers – PC Tools, in collaboration with the Ponemon Institute, announced the findings of its online scam susceptibility study of 1,858 American consumers. The results of the survey show a clear difference between respondents’ attitudes and predicted behaviors when presented with real-world online scenarios.

Good device and online safety behavior – With more devices in everyone’s hands after the holidays, children are sure to take their cues from parents and older siblings. Ultimately children will become frequent users of online devices — playing games, watching videos, texting, listening to music, web surfing, etc. — just like their other family members — and they’ll imitate the behaviors they see at home.

How researchers learned to stop time (and maybe enable hackers) – Using a special lens and a beam of light, researchers at Cornell University have figured out how to stop time. Granted, they can only do it in tiny sections of cyberspace – like centimeter-long sections of optical fibre. And it only lasts for even tinier slices of time – like five-trillionths of a second. But if researchers perfect the technique known as “temporal cloaking,” it could make online information more accessible to everyone from everyday web surfers to law enforcement to computer hackers.

Why tablets will beat laptops in 2012 – I was one of those doubters who thought of tablets as nothing more than a gimmick. But having now used these devices more extensively, I’ve changed my tune. I can see that tablet technology is incredibly useful. My change of heart has given me a growing belief that tablets will replace the laptop as the mobile device of choice. Here are the principal reasons for my new position.

Today’s Quote:

“I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.”

–     Sir Winston Churchill

Today’s Free Downloads:

WinMate – WinMate was developed to be a tool which uses the latest technology to scan your whole computer and find errors. After that, it gives you trusted solutions. Additionally, WinMate also offers a wide range of powerful utility and security software for computer optimizing. With top-rated features, you can keep away from potential threats and clean system errors to reduce computer crashes, freezing and Blue Screen.

F-Secure Rescue CD 3.14 Build 44905 – F-Secure Rescue CD is a handy utility that will help you securely boot up the computer and check the programs installed when your computer doesn’t start due to malware corrupting or you suspect that the security software is compromised.

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