The Best “Stay Safe On The Internet” App? – Your BRAIN!

image Yes, it’s true! There’s an application designed to help keep you safe on the Internet. And here’s the best part – you don’t have to buy, or download and install this application.

Most Internet users, in my experience, already have this app (some don’t – more about that later), and it works surprisingly well with a computer’s Firewall, Security Applications, and Browser security add-ons.

The Brain is a very efficient Internet safety device, and using it will provide a user with the best protection available while surfing the Internet. There’s a small problem with the Brain though – which might explain its frequent unreliability.

Just as a Firewall needs to be “trained”, to reach the best state of efficiency and protection capabilities, similarly, the Brain app requires “training’”; so that it too, can perform to its maximum potential as an Internet safety device.

Failure to train a software Firewall application, for example, can lead, in many cases, to an erratic and uncertain experience. The untrained Brain app as well, can exhibit parallel behavior.

Sadly, a significant number of Brain apps lack this training and as a result, many computer users fail to recognize the dangers, and threats, the Internet poses to their computers, and to their personal privacy.

The following is a current example of the dangers an untrained Brain can be exposed to:

Last week Naked Security warned of a Facebook worm that was spreading on the social network, tricking users into believing that they were clicking on a link to an image.

Although an unsuspecting user may believe that they are clicking on a link to a JPG image, the truth is that they are downloading an executable file that attempts to download further code (another piece of malware) from the net and drops a .BAT batch file onto infected computers.

The ultimate aim of all this malicious activity is to install the Dorkbot malware onto your Windows computer.

Clearly it’s time, if you haven’t already learnt the lesson, to realize that you should always be wary of links shared by friends on social networks – after all, how can you tell it was a friend who sent it or a piece of malware on their computer?

Times have changed; cybercriminals are increasingly more knowledgeable, quicker to respond to opportunities, and more relentless than ever in their attempts to separate surfers from their money.

Train that Brain – so that you are aware of the shape of the Internet landscape, and the changes that are occurring, or may occur in that landscape. Now, more than ever, Brain training is a necessity – a prerequisite to protecting yourself, and your computer, from cybercriminal attack.

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10 responses to “The Best “Stay Safe On The Internet” App? – Your BRAIN!

  1. The sort of “shameless self-promotion” that adds value to the lives of others ~ snake oil-free zone

  2. kenneth lunkins

    Shameless self promotion: I don’t think so bill the info and data you write has been more valuable then
    any thing i seen during my career with programming. but you know some people won’t read a price tag.
    if more users would just stop and read sometimes the world could be a better place.

  3. Hey Bill
    I was going to make a witty comment but I figure I better not, lol Thanks for making me laugh.


  4. Hey Bill,
    Sadly, most people only learn after they getting hurt isn’t it?

  5. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    Where can I download this app. please?

    Kind regards

    • Hi John,

      Wait a bit. I’ll be holding a special sale on “partly reconditioned” brains, early in the new year. I’ll hold one aside, just for you. 🙂