Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – December 5, 2011

CNET: Security Starter Kit – The Security Starter Kit will ensure that your sanity lasts way longer than your resolutions through a collection of must-have programs to protect your Windows computer. In our six categories this year, we offer the core essentials of Antivirus and Anti-spyware, as well as ancillary but important categories such as In-browser Security, Firewall, Encryption, and Parental Control.

Great Apps for Any Phone – Whether you have an Android phone, an iPhone, a Windows Phone 7 handset, or a BlackBerry smartphone, these cool apps will help you stay organized, save money, be productive, and have fun. Best of all, most of them are free!

Windows 8 beta could debut as early as February – A public beta of Windows 8 will launch in late February of next year, says tech news site The Next Web. Citing “sources close to Microsoft,” TNW pointed to February for the beta’s debut but said the release date for the final version of Windows 8 remains a mystery, though it’s expected to ship next year.

7 Ways to Protect Your Printers – Although it may be unlikely for a hacker to set a printer on fire remotely, printing security is too easily forgotten. Here’s how you can make your print environment more secure.

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3 PC Security Suites Reviewed – We look at three Internet security suites — ESET, Avira and G Data — to see how well they protect your PC when you surf the Web.

How to Create Strong Passwords – Making strong password is the most basic of security measures and most of us totally suck at it. Birthdays, astrological signs, pet names, indeed, any word that can be found in the dictionary have no business as your password. And even if you avoid the obvious mistakes, there are a few simple steps you can take to make a good password great. Check out these tips before you create your next password.

Will GNOME 3.4 Save the Linux Desktop? – There are a lot of people that don’t like the changes brought to the Linux desktop with GNOME 3. Among those people is none other than the father of Linux himself, Linus Torvalds. But that could be changing as GNOME 3.4 development work continues and could build on some improvements that first debuted in GNOME 3.2

Five SEO tools to help boost Web site traffic – A lot of Web sites live and die by the effectiveness of their search engine optimization. Luckily, there are good tools designed to meet the SEO challenge.

New Google Bar on the way or you can get it now with this script – Google has a new navigation system called the Google Bar. It’s coming soon, but if you want it now here’s how you get it.

2011’s Hottest Holiday Tech Gifts – Looking for the perfect gadget for everyone on your holiday list this year? Whether your budget is big or small and whether your recipients are old or young, here’s a list.

Company News:

PlayBook sell-off costs RIM half a billion dollars – When a company offers consumers an incentive, they sacrifice a little bit of profit in the hopes of increasing sales. That’s what RIM did to the BlackBerry PlayBook recently — and man, did they ever sacrifice. According to RIM’s Q3 financial announcement, they’re writing off $485 million in PlayBook-related losses.

Acer: Ultrabook Prices Will Dive Through 2013 – Acer expects ultrabooks to drop in price around 20 percent early next year, according to company president Jim Wong. Wong is quoted in Taiwanese publication DigiTimes Dec. 1 as saying that ultrabook prices will drop to around $500 in 2013, thanks in large part to an influx of the super-thin laptops from various manufacturers. Acer ships around 100,000 ultrabooks per month.

YaCy: It’s About Freedom, Not Beating Google – This new peer-to-peer search engine doesn’t aim to ‘out-Google’ the big guys, its supporters say. Rather, its decentralized process seeks to free information from a central point of control.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Piracy Pays for Itself, Swiss Government Says – The Swiss government has decided that it will not implement an additional legislative solution to copyright infringement, arguing that the money consumers save via piracy is spent later on other entertainment expenses.

Khan Academy – Khan Academy, a site for learning academic and real-world knowledge from tutorial videos, is an example of content conquering all. Despite exhibiting a few growing pains in its recent expansion of material, this impressive educational site is free and open to everyone.

A computer that thinks like the universe – What is a computer? Steve Jobs famously described the computer as “a bicycle for the mind” — a tool to help us remember, think, discover, and create. Computers are high-tech, universal tools; they’re so useful, in fact, that some of us spend all day in contact with some sort of digital device. There’s another way, though, to think about what a computer is: not as a high-tech tool, but as a profound intellectual achievement. In a deep sense, the power of the computer is as much about ideas as it is about circuits. (submitted by Michael F.)

An example of the “The Power of Beer” – Push the beer glass to the right.

First Issue of Action Comics sells for $2.1 million – Action Comics launched the superhero age of comics in 1938. The iconic image of Superman lifting a car over his head leaves just enough confusion; is he a hero protecting the innocent or some new villain destroying private property and threatening the masses? Now the answer seems obvious, but back then there was no concept of the superhero to base it on.

Today’s Quote:


“I’m not judging people, I’m judging their actions. It’s the same type of distinction that I try to apply to myself, to judge, but not be judgmental.”

Jeff Melvoin

Today’s Free Downloads:

Advanced Onion Router Beta – Advanced Onion Router is designed to be a client for OR network and intended to be an improved alternative for Tor+Vidalia+Privoxy bundle for Windows users.

Cain and Abel 4.9.43 – Cain & Abel is a password recovery tool for Microsoft Operating Systems. It allows easy recovery of various kinds of passwords by sniffing the network, cracking encrypted passwords using Dictionary, Brute-Force and Cryptanalysis attacks, recording VoIP conversations and more.

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