The Windows Club Latest Freebie – Ultimate Windows Customizer

imageRegular readers here will know, that I’m a big fan of the The Windows Club a great bunch of guys who have written and released some terrific free applications including Right-Click Extender (an absolute favorite of mine), Ultimate Windows Tweaker and FixWin Utility – all of which I have reviewed here, and recommended, in the last year.

The Windows Club’s latest release, Ultimate Windows Customizer (brought to you by my good buddy TeX, who gave me a heads-up this week), provides a full range of customizations designed specifically for your Windows 7 installation.

Ultimate Windows Customizer provides customization options in these areas –


Context Menus


Logon Screen

Start Orb



Extra Settings

Windows Media Player

Following installation, the application opens to a simple “click here” interface. Clicking on any of the following screen shots will expand the graphic to its original.


The following two screen captures illustrate just a few of the customizations which can easily be pulled off using Ultimate Windows Customizer.

Context Menus


Settings and Extras


Fast facts:

Very simple and easy to use. No manual Hacks. No need to manually edit the Windows Registry and Windows System files.

Tested over and over for compatibility between various customizations.

70+ major features with literally tons of sub-features.

Built in Update Feature to be easily notified of new updates.

Backs up all System Files and Registry Settings that UWC deals with and does not modify these.

Error Log for easy display.

Easy uninstallation via the Control Panel.

Creates System Restore Point before any customizations are done.

System Requirements: Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Download at: The Windows Club

As with all Windows Club applications to date, Ultimate Windows Customizer is a terrific application. One which can add a little sparkle, and increased convenience, to any Win 7 installation.

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14 responses to “The Windows Club Latest Freebie – Ultimate Windows Customizer

  1. Don

    Bill, unfortunately, this “freebie” is a trial version that asks to purchase the software after the initial installation and scan. Does a marvelous job but wants $29 bucks A YEAR to maintain it.

    • Hi Don,

      This application is freeware, as are all of the Windows Club applications.

      I’m guessing here – but, I think you clicked on the “SpeedyComputer”download link (halfway down the page)- as opposed to the “Download file” link, at the bottom of the developer’s page. As a result you, have installed the SpeedyComputer application which is, as you say, a demo. I can easily understand the confusion – more and more developer’s are publishing pages which are – let me be kind and say – difficult to navigate.

      Please give it another try. 🙂


      • Don

        Thanks Bill! Yeah, I probably did that. Kinda sneaky the way things are done these days. I’ll definitely give it another try.

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  3. Noahsark

    I have Right click extender, Ultimate windows tweaker, and FixWin utility. I’m well satisfied with all three. I downloaded Ultimate windows customizer and will try it out. Thanks for the article and thanks to teX for the heads up.

  4. Thanks Bill for the review and trying to correct the misinformation in the previous post. As you have stated, All The Windows Club applications we release are 100% Free and we plan to keep them that way. As far as those @#$^ google ads that missdirect users, yes The Windows Club being free, the ads do help maintain the site, but I agree 100% that the Download Button does sometimes gets a little lost because of it. I had just spoken to my friend and owner of TWC yesterday about the Download Button myself. I am hoping in the near future we’ll have a better displayed Button that users won’t be confused over. 🙂

    Lee Whittington
    The Windows Club

    • Hey Lee,

      Congrats – love the app!

      Thanks for tackling the download button issue. More and more it seems, sites (including, are less than clear as to which “download button” actually accesses the application.


  5. Don

    Bill, I just d/loaded and installed the REAL one a few minutes ago. Thanks for steering me in the right direction! I’ve run into a similar situation when checking for updates on one of my AV programs. It makes every effort to get me to click on the “subscribe to paid version”, even going so far as to fudge the link I “think” I want. I can certainly appreciate a company wanting to sell their wares, but this is not the way to win customers.
    Thanks again for the follow up and getting me up and running.


    • Hi Don,

      The very idea of building deliberate misdirection (and it is deliberate), into a download page is akin to that old time favorite – bait and switch. Sadly, this is an issue which is gaining traction at more and more sites.

      What a way to do business. Screw me over at first contact and I’m going to continue doing business? Yeah, sure.

      Glad to see it all worked out in the end.


  6. Hey Bill,

    After sending it to you and downloading and trying it out. I think it’s Lee’s best app yet. I did come up with an .net error but he updated the program already which fixed it.
    If only all of the program errors got fixed so quickly.

    Thanks for the article


  7. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks, I will definitely give this a try.

    I’m with you on the smoke and mirrors of download sites, it does seem to be getting worse. While it’s a useful brain exercise for oldies like me, it is no way to encourage loyalty from users. Mind you I wonder if loyalty is becoming a thing of the past. Of the free software I have downloaded recently, largely thanks to your recommendations, I’ve converted very few of them to paid-for versions. It may be understandable that sites resort to a little subterfuge (even “reputable” ones). Understandable is not right, however, and I think these sites do themselves more harm than good.

    Still people persist with the toolbar add-ons. One way to spot this is if there are two download options, one standard and one customised (advanced). I think the idea is that people will either be lazy or will be put off by the “advanced” tag. Very often the only advanced action is opting out of a pesky toolbar.

    Slightly off-topic, do you get version updates from Cnet for software downloads. They used to come with a download link but, for the last while, all I have received is an email with a subject line giving the details but nothing in the body of the email. I’ve asked them about this a couple of times but have had no response. I’ve checked my email settings and nothing has changed.

    Kind regards

    • Hi John,

      Yes, I agree – a good indicator of the hidden toolbar is the inclusion of an “advanced option”. As you rightfully point out – often, the only option is opting out.

      I do receive the CNET app update notices but, typically I ignore them. Sorry I can’t help with this one.