Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – November 19, 2011

Five Windows defraggers that won’t tie newbies into knots – Defrag tools tend to intimidate nontechnical users. But these defraggers are easy to use — and some have a nice selection of top-end features, to boot.

10 apps that will matter to Kindle Fire users – With thousands of Android-powered applications to choose from, we look at 10 that should prove quite popular.

Google Fixes High-Risk Flaw in Chrome – Google has updated its Chrome browser yet again, this time fixing a high-risk vulnerability in the V8 JavaScript engine. That flaw is the only one that Google fixed in this update.

Which music service should you use? – Google Music is the latest audio service for music lovers. But with plenty of competing services already available–Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, Mog, Pandora, and the like–what’s the best one to choose?

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The Best Disc Burning App for Linux – K3b is easily the most powerful free burning program on Linux. Not only can you burn nearly any type of CD or DVD, but it has a pretty loaded preference menu, with advanced features like allowing overburning, forcing “unsafe” operations, or even offering you the choice to not eject a disc after it finishes burning. Its interface is fairly easy to use, letting you choose the type of disc you want to burn in the bottom menu then just dragging and dropping files into the bottom pane. If you’re doing anything beyond throwing a few files on a disc, K3b is the program to use.

Hackers destroy pump in U.S. water utility attack – Hackers attacking SCADA systems and wreaking havoc in a nation’s critical infrastructure has become a justified concern for all countries. But, setting aside Iran and attacks against its nuclear program for a moment, the U.S. seems to attract a seemingly disproportionate amount of these kind of assaults. The latest has targeted the control system of the city water utility in Springfield, Illinois, and has resulted in the destruction of a water pump, Wired reports.

Boounce between search engines – Boounce adds a row of small icons to the bottom of your search results. Each icon represents another search engine (or niche website) hopefully better adapted to your query. Clicking on one automatically performs your search in that search engine. There is no need to retype your search term or open a new browser tab. (submitted by Michael F.)

New Version of Stoned Bootkit Said to Bypass Windows 8 Secure Boot – A security researcher who has in the past has created low-level rootkits capable of staying resident on an infected machine after reboots, said he has now accomplished the same feat on Windows 8, which hasn’t even hit the shelves yet. Peter Kleissner said he has created a new version of his Stoned bootkit that defeats the pre-boot security checks included in the forthcoming OS and survives reboots.

Company News:

Microsoft seeks testers for limited beta of next-gen Security Essentials – Microsoft is seeking testers interested in trying out the next version of Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), according to a November 18 TechNet blog post. The beta will be limited and is not yet available, but will be some time before the end of the year. There’s no word as to when the final version of the next release of MSE will be available.

Western Digital Intros Net Storage – The DX4000 network storage server for SMBs provides five levels of data protection and is supported by Western Digital Guardian Services.

AMD Launches Opteron 6200, 4200 ‘Bulldozer’-Based Server Chips – Advanced Micro Devices is launching its long-awaited “Bulldozer” core-based Opteron server chips that officials say will offer the performance and scalability demanded in virtualized data centers and the energy efficiency needed for cloud environments.

Fidelis Introduces New Solutions For SSL Traffic – Fidelis Security Systems, the market leader in network visibility, analysis, and control solutions, today announced the SSL Decoder within Fidelis XPS, which provides the ability to assess the authenticity of a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Most popular prohibited IT activities in the workplace – In spite of the fact that 74% of the interviewed IT professionals have already misused the company’s IT system, and could have lost their job, if a video recording could have proven wrongdoing, 92% of those surveyed would not object to being observed by an activity monitoring tool.

The State Wants To Know What You’re Up To. But Why Do We Let It? – Biting commentary on Britain’s surveillance society. Now so bad that councils want to film and record all conversations in taxis. This isn’t about diminishing evil, it’s about a desire to control. And we must resist it.

Major Porn Sites Sue ICANN Over .XXX – The company behind major porn sites including YouPorn, PornHub, Brazzers, Xtube and have been joined by adult industry powerhouse Digital Playground to file an anti-monopoly lawsuit against ICANN over the dot-XXX TLD.

Women gamers have more sex, study finds – A study commissioned by Gamehouse shows that women gamers have more sex than non-gamers and even have it more often. They are also, apparently, more sociable.

Today’s Quote:

“There is only one possible, productive solution for the relationship of individualized man with the world: his active solidarity with all men and his spontaneous activity, love and work, which unite him again with the world, not by primary ties but as a free and independent individual…. However, if the economic, social and political conditions… do not offer a basis for the realization of individuality in the sense just mentioned, while at the same time people have lost those ties which gave them security, this lag makes freedom an unbearable burden. It then becomes identical with doubt, with a kind of life which lacks meaning and direction. Powerful tendencies arise to escape from this kind of freedom into submission or some kind of relationship to man and the world which promises relief from uncertainty, even if it deprives the individual of his freedom.”

Erich Fromm – Escape from Freedom

Today’s Free Downloads:

My Network Speed: Monitor your network cards – My Network Speed is a simple, easy-to-use and handy application that is able to monitor your network card. The program will display the download and upload speed in a tiny window on your computer desktop.

TeraCopy 2.27 – TeraCopy is a compact program designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed, also providing you with a lot of features.

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