Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – November 13, 2011

Seven useful Windows 7 tips and tricks – Tweaking Windows settings and using keyboard shortcuts can enhance the Windows experience. We’ll show you seven useful tips and tricks to help you get more out of Windows 7.

How to Run Android Apps on your Blackberry Playbook – Thanks to the clever coding efforts of a number of Blackberry enthusiasts, a little elbow grease, and some patience, you’ll end up with a RIM-built tablet that’s not only functional (finally), but also down right enjoyable to use.

Add-Ons to Power Up Outlook – Want to get more out of the world’s most-used email software? We have downloads designed to help you bend it to your will.

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Plug in a USB cord the right way, the first time – Visualize yourself holding a USB plug. Now visualize yourself trying to put said USB plug into its port on your computer. Hmm, it didn’t go in? You must be holding it the wrong way; try turning it over. Still nothing? Odd, try it the first way again. Oh look, it fits now. This scenario is something a lot of computer users have gone through at least once. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to spend time fiddling with the USB plug every. Single. Time?

How to Stop Telemarketing Calls to Your Mobile Phone – Everyone has encountered a telemarketing call. It may be a robocall directing you to vote for some political candidate, or perhaps some local organization seeking donations. But, most people are used to getting those calls on their home land line, not their mobile phones. Telemarketers are increasingly targeting mobile phone numbers, though, so here is what you need to do to stop–or at least minimize–those annoying calls.

Five things to know about the new Facebook – Facebook is getting major changes within the next few weeks that will alter the way you socialize online with friends. Here’s what the new Facebook interface will look like.

Six Deadly Security Blunders Businesses Make: Small, subtle mistakes can lead to big security breaches – Sometimes it’s the unknown or overlooked little mistakes that leave an organization wide open to attack: a missing hash mark in a server configuration, a long-forgotten PBX user account, or an embedded Web server in an office printer.

Why a Touchscreen PC Should Be Your Next Workstation – Touchscreen PCs have quietly arrived at a price most businesses can afford. Here’s why your business should make the leap from the traditional desktop PC.

Company News:

Best Buy’s Big Strategic Moves – Electronics retailer Best Buy has apparently seen the writing on the wall regarding the future of technology sales. Acknowledging the growth of both mobility and managed services, the company has made a series of strategic announcements. Here’s a look.

Google Music launching sans Sony, Warner – Google Music lines up Universal Music Group, the largest record company, for new download store. But it hasn’t obtained agreements from Sony and Warner.

With Hulu Plus and other partners, Kindle Fire besting the Nook – Amazon certainly isn’t settling for just promoting its own services and ecosystem on the Kindle Fire.

Apple selling unlocked, contract-free iPhone 4S – For those who don’t want to be bound by a single contract or carrier, the new iPhone 4S is now available from Apple as an unlocked phone selling at non-subsidized prices.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Why iPhone Irks Google Fans – For some, the battle over whether iPhone or Android is better amounts to a major dispute that’s full of haters on both sides. And while the iPhone is beloved by many users everywhere, some detractors will never understand its appeal. Here’s why Google fans still can’t stand Apple’s smartphone.

The Truth About Violence – “It is overwhelmingly likely that some of you will become the targets of violence in the future. The purpose of this essay is to help prepare you for it.” So begins a masterful blogpost that explains the essentials of self-defence.

Survey Shows Slack Security ‘Tudes – A new survey doesn’t bode well for end user attitudes about enterprise security: fewer than 40 percent of end users say they follow security policies at work and around 35 percent don’t consider it important to follow those policies.

Are We a Democracy? – Those who remember their civics classes will note that we have not a direct but a representative democracy (or a republic). But many Americans don’t think we are really “represented” by the people we elect, and, recently, the suspicion has grown that we in fact live in a plutocracy — a nation governed by the wealthy. But there are clearly also other elements that exercise political power over us.

Today’s Quote:

History is littered with wars which everyone knew would never happen.”

The late British politician Enoch Powell

Today’s Free Downloads:

MP3 Quality Modifier 2.2The main purpose is to change the bitrate of your mp3 music collection in a really simple but intuitive way so that the filesize can be dramatically reduced while the audio quality stays the same.

Calibre – Calibre provides all the elements you need to organize and manage an e-book collection. With a simple set of tools and a helpful layout, this program is a nice choice for any electronic reading lover.

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  1. That Sam Harris is spot on

    Did you receive an email from me subject line: “Could do with your advice Bill”? I sent it @ 1745hrs (your time) on Friday to your wp address

    • Hi Michael,

      Yes, he is.

      “You must install a trigger in your mind—to act explosively once a certain line has been crossed” – best “real world” advice, ever.