Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – October 28, 2011

Windows XP: Pros and Cons of Not Upgrading – Microsoft plans to support Windows XP Service Pack 3 until April 8, 2014, which means XP users have 30 months left before they’re on their own.

Security researcher finds major security flaw in Facebook – A security researcher has discovered a major security hole affecting the most popular social networking site, Facebook. Basically, the researcher found a way to upload executable files — such as those most commonly used by malicious software — on the social network site for potential sharing. Needless to say that the potential for abuse by malicious attackers is pretty evident.

Facebook account hijacked? Get a little help from your friends – Social network to let you set passwords for apps on Facebook and enlist friends to help log into blocked accounts.

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Lifehacker: Kick Other Devices off a Wi-Fi Network with WiFiKill on Android – The app works only with rooted phones and works, similarly to FaceNiff, by spoofing ARP replies to trick other devices on the network into thinking your Android phone is the router. WiFiKill then drops all their network packets. To the victims, it still appears as if they are connected to the network, but the internet just appears to have stalled.

The HDTV Has HDMI, but the PC Does Not – Mikeybud wants to connect a PC to his HDTV, but the PC lacks an HDMI port.

DIY: Free tools for removing malicious software – Fighting the malware battle really hurts when you’re spending a good deal of your IT budget (if you even have an IT budget) on software to protect machines from attacks. Here’s how to do it for free.

Clean up the open with list in Windows Explorer – Your Open With list can get cluttered with applications that don’t match the file they are associated with. Mark Kaelin shows you how to fix that.

Firefox partners with The Evil Empire – Mozilla, has joined up with Microsoft to make a special version of Firefox that uses the Bing for its default search engine and home page.

Company News:

HP: We’re keeping the PC unit – HP said it will keep its personal systems group and that it will continue to sell PCs. The company added that its strategic review indicated that the supply chain and procurement hit was too much. Meanwhile, HP’s PC unit performs well.

Endpoint Protector 4 released – Offering enhanced protection, increased effectiveness and the fastest implementation time in its segment, the out-of-the-box Hardware and Virtual Appliance is now available for small, medium and large companies and organizations.

Websense introduces URL categories and social web controls – Websense introduced URL categories and social web controls that enable IT managers to better regulate specific employee actions, reduce exposure to dangerous data-stealing attacks and command-and-control call-home traffic, while preserving bandwidth.

National-scale iris and fingerprint identification – The software includes a larger database capacity, enhanced fault tolerance and a new matching algorithm that provides even greater accuracy, with extremely fast matching speeds of up to 100 million fingerprints per second – with a tolerance of 360 degrees of fingerprint rotation – and up to 200 million irises per second.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Man Carves Smartphone Dock into Prosthetic Arm – After being turned down by Apple, the British caterer worked with Nokia to design a dock that can go everywhere.

The Life and Times of Windows XP – Nobody would have been prescient enough to predict that Windows XP would be flourishing so many years after its debut. Not Microsoft. Not consumers and businesses. Not the analysts who get paid to know where technology is going. And certainly not me.

Hackers attacked U.S. government satellites – Two U.S. satellites have been tampered with by hackers – possibly Chinese ones – in 2007 and 2008, claims a soon-to-be released report by the the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

More Americans warming up to mobile banking (survey) – Approximately 12.7 million U.S. mobile users used their personal devices for checking up on banking information by the end of June 2011 — a 45 percent increase from more than 8.7 million during Q4 2010, according to a new survey from comScore.

Today’s Quote:

Only the mediocre are always at their best.”

–    Jean Giraudoux

Today’s Free Downloads:

Happy Halloween Windows 7 Theme – Does your home look like it’s been attacked by giant spiders? Do you have ghosts in your windows and grinning pumpkins on your front porch? Don’t leave your computer out of the fun. Load up the Happy Halloween Windows 7 theme and enjoy zombie Jack-o-lanterns, haunted wanderers, lovelorn skeletons, and more.

Sandboxie Beta – Tired of dealing with rogue software, spyware and malware? Worried about clicking unfamiliar Web links? Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space which prevents them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer.

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