Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – October 25, 2011

Five types of apps you should install on every new Windows desktop – Windows includes numerous apps that are designed to fill basic needs, but there is little denying that such applets are often inadequate. As a result, organizations rarely provide users with a default Windows installation. Usually, additional applications are installed along with Windows. Here are five kinds of apps you might consider including in your Windows deployment images.

Mac malware evolves – time for Apple owners to wake up – Mac users have once again been reminded not to be complacent about the malware threat, with the discovery that cybercriminals have enhanced an existing Trojan horse to disable the rudimentary anti-virus protection Apple has built into Mac OS X.

Facebook Lottery scam emails making rounds – Offline crooks have had a lot of success with the bogus lottery winning letter scam, so it should come as no surprise it is often “translated” into an email and spammed out to unsuspecting targets. The latest version of this online scam aims to trick users into thinking that they have won a prize through a bogus “Facebook Lottery”.

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Does Your Business Have a Cyber Plan? New Tool Can Help – The FCC today announced its Small Biz Cyber Planner, a new online tool intended to help small businesses create effective cyber plans.

New mass SQL injection attack making rounds – Again a mass SQL injection attack is making its rounds on the web – this one called jjghui referring to the website it redirects traffic to. So far, a Google search shows 180,000 pages have already been infiltrated by this attack. This attack seems to be targeting smaller sites that lack personnel with the skills and security awareness of larger and more well-known sites.

Personal info of 9 million Israelis stolen, available online – Personal information of some 9 million Israelis (alive and deceased) has been stolen by a contractor working for the country’s Ministry of Labor and Welfare with the intent of selling it to the highest bidder, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Increase iPad Productivity with Dropbox – Simple to use and extremely useful, the free file synchronization app and service Dropbox will keep all your files in step. You can’t move files between folders, but it’s still a very capable app. If you use an iPad for business, Dropbox is a must-have.

Create an Online Store With Shopify – Shopify takes you step-by-step through setting up your very own online store, including credit card processing, inventory management, and more.

Company News:

Microsoft Pushes Skype for Business – Microsoft has said that it is in the process of integrating Skype, the free communication tool for VoIP audio and video calls, across many of its business communications platforms, even as those platforms helped drive record revenues. The company is in the process of integrating Skype into Lync, Windows Phone, and other consumer-focused platforms too.

T-Mobile announces HTC Radar 4G coming 2 November for $99.99 – T-Mobile revealed some release details for their upcoming HTC Radar 4G Windows Phone 7.5 device on their Twitter account. The HTC Radar 4G will be released on 2 November for $99.99 with a 2-year contract. Generally a device with this subsidized cost comes in at about $399.99 with no contract.

Oracle acquires RightNow for $1.5 billion, aims turrets at – Oracle is jumping into the cloud customer service game via its acquisition of RightNow. The deal is aimed at the heart of

GFI Software reaches into the cloud with Monitis acquisition – GFI Software has acquired Monitis, a provider of cloud-based network and systems monitoring solutions. This acquisition further strengthens GFI’s ability to provide affordable end-to-end systems monitoring for SMBs and to be a one-stop shop for managing heterogeneous IT infrastructures, be they on-premise, hosted or in the cloud.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Top 5 Hacker Fails: Exploits Gone Bad – Taunting tweets, provocative pics, iPad-spam chats — stupid slip-ups lead to high-profile hacker arrests.

Ten Commandments of Office Etiquette – Proper office etiquette often comes down to common sense and common courtesy, but people still have questions.

The global population will reach 7 billion this month; here are 7 things you didn’t know – To commemorate (or perhaps caution against?) the event, the United Nations Population Fund unveiled a new public website called 7 Billion Actions that gives the UN, local governments, economists and NGOs access to data predicting population growth over time.

Wikileaks suspends publication of secrets amid ‘financial blockade’ – Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, said today that the organisation would cease publication of secrets to focus on lifting the “financial blockade” by major U.S. banks.

Today’s Quote:

In great affairs men show themselves as they wish to be seen; in small things they show themselves as they are.”

–      Nicholas Chamfort

Today’s Free Downloads:

Halloween printables – ( featuring 80-plus Halloween signs, cards, coloring pages, and puzzles, there are hundreds more spooky printables on the other sites.

CloudMagic – CloudMagic’s lightning-fast search tool impresses me: I like its speed, I like its layout, and I like the feature added to its latest version: Twitter search. This browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox still searches your Gmail, Google Apps Email, Google Docs, Google Calendars, Google Contacts accounts, too.

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