21,000 Free Printable Documents and Templates At FreePrintable.net

imageKevin Savetz is into free with his remarkable FreePrintable.net web site. Amazingly, there are 80 sites in the Free Printable network offering you, free of charge, over 21,000 printable documents and templates.

Note: Some premium printables will incur a charge.

There are so many freebies available on this site, that it would take page after page just to list them – so take a look at just some of the sample offerings in the graphics below.

Click on a graphic to increase the size to make viewing easier. Better yet, if your Internet browser has a Zoom feature, crank it up!

Free Printables 1

Free Printables 3 Free Printables 2


Before you begin downloading, checkout the FAQ page where you will find instruction for getting the best out of Kevin’s printable documents and templates.

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4 responses to “21,000 Free Printable Documents and Templates At FreePrintable.net

  1. Interesting. I’ll check them out. I’m always looking for good templates. You never know what you can find. Framemaker templates are the hardest to find.

  2. This website is such a great idea! It’s helpful that they split them up into groups on the web site because it could take a long time to look through them all. 21,000 templates seem like an excessive amount though. Do you think you would use this website to print a free template, or would you just use a template already provided in your Word software?

    • Hey Alexandra,

      Yeah, 21,000 templates does seem like overkill – but, ………………..

      I have used templates from this site in the past and was more than satisfied.

      Good to hear from you.