Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – October 23, 2011

How to Repair a Faulty Windows Installation Without Reformatting – Nothing will put a crimp in your computing style quite like a Windows error. Although Microsoft’s OS has gotten exponentially more stable over the years, it’s still very possible for Windows system files to become corrupt. When you encounter a Windows error, your first instinct may be to back up your data, grab the ol’ installation disk, and weep silently as you press the Reformat button. We’re here to tell you there’s another way.

BlueStacks App Player – Are you thinking about buying an Android…but want to try out the smart phone’s apps first? Or maybe you already have an Android phone and want to run your favorite apps on a larger PC monitor. BlueStacks App Player, now in alpha, lets you do both of these things on a Windows PC.

Match your browser to your bandwidth on Android – Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get the best browsing experience based on your connection speed? Now you can with one small and simple app.

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Hacker Collective Anonymous Strikes at Child Porn Sites – The group takes credit for shutting down more than 40 websites used for sharing child porn, and says it exposed information about more than 1500 users of the sites.

Hard drives could get scarce: Apple, analysts – The hard disk drive is a component that has always been in plentiful supply. But that could change over the next few months if conditions worsen in Thailand.

Police data leaked as cop confab kicks off – Hacking collective Anonymous says it has once again leaked sensitive law enforcement information, in time for the National Day of Action Against Police Brutality as well as the opening of the annual conference of The International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Cool Site of the Week: Encyclopedia of Life – As of 2010, scientists have managed to find and catalog 1.7 million different species of life. Sounds like a lot, right? Not when you consider that the very same lab geeks feel it’s possible that there may still be another five million species out there that we haven’t stumbled across yet. Before depriving anymore of those lifeforms of their habitats for the sake of a new strip mall or a few rolls of toilet paper, maybe we’d do well to get to know them a little bit better (you know, just in case the planet finally decides to rise up and rebel against us). To this end, we’re declaring Encyclopedia of Life our Cool Site of the Week.

Can iPhone spy on you as you type on different device? – Computer scientists at Georgia Tech report that they figured out how to get an iPhone 4 to correctly decipher sentences typed on a nearby keyboard with up to 80 percent accuracy. The solution? Don’t keep your phone close to your computer

World’s Most Sophisticated Rootkit Is Being Overhauled – Security experts warn that TDL4, one of the most sophisticated pieces of malware in the world, is being rewritten and improved.

Company News:

McAfee Talks DeepSAFE, Intros Channel Initiatives – McAfee used its SecurityAlliance Partner Summit to showcase its first product co-developed with Intel — DeepSAFE — and to provide details about some new channel initiatives.

Google exploring Yahoo buy? – The search site and advertising purveyor has talked to at least two private-equity firms about helping them bankroll a deal to buy Yahoo’s core business, says The Wall Street Journal, which cites “a person familiar with the matter.”

Sony reportedly developing PS4 games – New rumor follows an earlier report confirming the existence of a PlayStation 4 by Sony’s own executive vice president and chief financial officer.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Research: Web porn stops men from performing – Studies show that Internet porn images are so desensitizing that many men in their 20s believe low libido is “normal.”

10 Ways Microsoft Makes Google Look Bad – Whenever there is talk of Google, the company’s supporters cheer the fact that they believe the search giant is making Microsoft look bad. They point to the firm’s dominance in search, its control of the advertising market, and its ability to succeed in the mobile space with Android as proof of that. And they hold no punches back when they say that Microsoft simply doesn’t have what it takes to compete on the same level as Google any longer.

15 years of, the original app store – Nostalgia and software usually go together like spray cheese and sushi. But today we’ve got a good reason to look back: it’s the 15th anniversary of

iPod at 10: Game changer shows age – As the iPod hits a decade this weekend, the device that rocketed Apple into massive profits and popularity has taken a back seat to the company’s newer products.

Today’s Quote:

One of the hardest tasks of leadership is understanding that you are not what you are, but what you’re perceived to be by others.”

–      Edward L. Flom

Today’s Free Downloads:

Amazifier – Amazifier is an easy tool for jazzing up your digital pictures. It can resize images, correct red-eye, and add frames, stickers, text, and other effects, but its unique interface makes for a user-friendly experience. We tested the freeware version; a premium upgrade adds more features. If you’re new to photo-editing tools or feel intimidated by Filters, Layers, and Gammas, Amazifier could be just what you’re looking for.

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition 5.0.4076 – With Macrium Reflect Free Edition you’ll be able to easily make an accurate and reliable image of your HDD or individual partitions. Using this image you can restore the entire disk, partition or individual files and folders in the event of a partial or complete system loss.

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5 responses to “Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – October 23, 2011

  1. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    I like the idea of being able to try Android applications on my PC, so I installed Bluestacks. Turns out that, in order to download more applications, access to a Facebook account is required. I have therefore removed Bluestacks from my PC and will not be using it.

    There is a lot of negative feedback on their site about this. Not a great way to start off in my opinion.

    Kind regards

    • Hi John,

      Forcing the Facebook issue on those who have no interest is a distraction at the very least. More than that – it’s marketing gone crazy.



  2. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    I left a comment on Bluestacks but it doesn’t appear here. Tried reposting but got the “duplicate post” message. Was it something I said? 🙂

    Kind regards

  3. John Bent

    Sorry Bill,

    I now see it’s awaiting moderation. Must learn to curb my impatience!

    Kind regards