Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – October 21, 2011

Flash bug allows spying of website visitors through webcam – A slight variation of a previously designed clickjacking attack that used a Adobe Flash vulnerability has once again made it possible for website administrators to surreptitiously spy on their visitors by turning on the user’s computer webcam and microphone.

Ice Cream Sandwich: 7 More Cool Features – Ice Cream Sandwich, Google’s latest update to the Android franchise, has plenty of improvements and changes hidden under the surface that make the mobile OS even sweeter. With more Android phones being announced every day in preparation for the holiday shopping season, here are seven new features in Ice Cream Sandwich you should be aware of.

10 things you should know about UEFI – If you’re a bit fuzzy on what UEFI is all about — and how it will significantly change modern PC functionality — these quick facts will get you up to speed.

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A Sneak Peek at Gmail’s New Look – Google is busy at work on a dramatic makeover of Gmail’s drab, utilitarian interface, and that’s a good thing. In August, the search giant unveiled a new Gmail Labs feature called Preview Pane, which lets you preview messages in your Gmail inbox. But more changes are coming.

Windows 8: Early Speed Tests – It’s too early to pass judgment on Windows 8 performance, but, in comparisons with its predecessor, the Developer Preview of Microsoft’s new OS shows a lot of promise.

Create a Quick and Easy Website for Your Business, for Free – From a basic contact site to a social media aggregator, these Web services will help you establish an online presence in no time.

Not got an iPhone 4S, but still want to use Siri? – If you’re the lucky owner of a new iPhone 4S, you can skip this section. Otherwise, if you have an Android phone, check out our list of Siri alternatives — and likewise, if you have an older iPhone, iPod, or iPad touch, we got you covered as well.

Make the Choice command work for you even in Windows 7 – Use the batch file command Choice to make your batch files interactive. Greg Shultz shows how it can come in handy even in Windows 7.

Company News:

VMware, Verizon Partner for Upcoming ‘Dual-Identity’ Smartphone – The new VMware Horizon system will enable enterprise staff members to bring their own devices to work and deploy them for work and personal use without having to forfeit the device when the worker leaves the company.

Trend Micro Expands Mobile Protection For Android – Trend Micro today announced an agreement with KDDI to provide a new security service for Android (TM) smartphones and tablets.

Is AMD’s Bulldozer a success? – As usual when it comes to things like AMD vs Intel, there’s been mixed reaction to the launch of AMD’s Bulldozer, or FX series, desktop processors.

In bid for SMBs, Doyenz debuts rCloud; 15-minute disaster recovery – Doyenz says its rCloud product will help small and medium businesses restore virtual environments in less than 15 minutes.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Divorce is less stressful than safeguarding confidential data – IT managers are feeling the pressure and saying that data loss incidents put their jobs on the line and that the stress of managing their company confidential data is greater than divorce, managing personal debt, or a minor car accident. But help is on the horizon as headline-grabbing security incidents have promoted data security talks amongst top management and have driven focus on security, including the need for additional budget.

Crank Up Your Laptop’s Gaming Power with an External Video Card Dock – If your laptop’s integrated graphics just aren’t cutting it for the games you want to play, you can actually connect a desktop graphics card to your ExpressCard slot with an external dock.

Apple’s Siri Shuns 35 Million Americans–Are You One? – The new voice-recognition feature in Apple’s iPhone 4S, known as Siri, carries out simple tasks for you when you speak to it, but only if you’re an English speaker in the United States.

We’ll Strike First In Cyber Warfare – British foreign secretary William Hague says England is prepared to strike first to defend against a cyberattack from an enemy state. The Foreign Secretary’s warning to the world is the first clear signal that the UK has developed new weapons for the online battlefield. In an exclusive interview, he also revealed the globe was in the grip of a new and financially-crippling “arms race in cyber space”.

Today’s Quote:

Where a calculator on the ENIAC is equipped with 18,000 vacuum tubes and weighs 30 tons, computers in the future may have only 1,000 vaccuum tubes and perhaps weigh 1.5 tons.”

unknown, Popular Mechanics, March 1949

Today’s Free Downloads:

Say “Boo!” With Free Fonts for Halloween – Welcoming trick-or-treaters? Scaring off solicitors? These free fonts will please both the candy-and-costume crowd and the old-school ghouls. – Simple Performance Boost 1.0.2 – – Simple Performance Boost is designed to bring only the safest tweaks to your system to increase speed and stability.

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  1. Yes, Flash has been something of a problem. As an interesting side note, Robohelp uses Flash in their help systems (although I believe this is optional). Knowing the security loopholes, I’ve stuck with other applications for generating HTML help and avoided Flash input. I used to embed Flash tutorials in collapsible drop-downs, but no more. Maybe HTML 5 will supply a more secure form of animation. I hope so.