Right-Click Extender 2 Goes Great With Windows 8

In a recent quickie on running with Windows 8, I made the following comment –

The Windows 8 user interface is a radical departure from the traditional desktop UI and as such, it fails to satisfy my basic requirements. Since a desktop is my primary work unit, I have little interest in swiping features, keyboard shortcuts, slider menus and  an OS navigation system designed with a Tablet PC, or a Smartphone, in mind.

After running with Win 8 for 30+ days, I haven’t revised my opinion regarding the Metro GUI – it still sucks. Nevertheless, Windows 8 has a lot to offer, including – vastly improved boot time, application load time is blazingly fast, memory footprint is very small, and the new Task manager (shown below), is a huge improvement over previous versions.


There’s little doubt that Win 8 advances computing technology in a number of very substantial ways, much beyond the few improvements I mentioned earlier – especially in that most important of areas – system security. All-in-all, I’m glad I didn’t bounce this OS off my test system after 7 days – my first response to the Metro GUI.

Learning to use a few basic keyboard shortcut navigation commands (not such a big deal), has vastly improved my comfort level with Microsoft’s new direction. But, the absence of the familiar Start Menu, which has been shunted aside in favor of an ineffective barebones replacement (shown below), has cramped my style somewhat.


For example – working through 2/3 levels of menus to restart/shutdown is inefficient (just one of the crunch points with this GUI), so I’ve installed one of my all-time favorite utilities – Right-Click Extender Version 2 – which added a Restart and a Shutdown command (shown below), to the Desktop context menu. Problem solved!


Right-Click Extender has proven to be one of the most important free utilities (considering my style of computing), I’ve yet found. It can add amazing functionality to various right click context menus.

If you missed my earlier review, and walkthrough, on Right-Click Extender Version 2, I’ve reposted it below. It’s worth a read/reread.

Right-Click Extender Version 2 – Adds Multiple Context Menu Commands

imageThe “right click context menu” in Windows is a hidden gem. I know, you’re thinking – wait a minute, the right click context menu isn’t hidden, I use it all the time. And, I’ll bet you do. But, you might be surprised to learn, that if you were to ask an average user about this menu, the chances are pretty good that you’d get a blank look in return.

If you’re a power user and a fan of the right click context menu, then you’ll be interested in the Right-Click Extender Version 2 (released March 11, 2010)  from The Windows Club, which will add a bag full of additional context menu support  in the following categories – File/Folder, Desktop, Drives, and MyComputer.

Following installation and execution of this free application, setting up and selecting the context menu items best suited to your needs is a snap – as the following series of screen shots shows. (Clicking on any graphic will expand it to its original size).

File Folder Setup.


Desktop Menu Setup.


Desktop Menu Options Setup.


The following is an example, from my system, illustrating selective context menu items available to me on the Desktop following installation of the Right-Click Extender, Version 2.


The following is an example, from my system, illustrating selective Windows Explorer context menu items available to me, following installation of the Right-Click Extender Version 2.


Fast facts:

File and Folder Options:

add or remove Copy To

add or remove Move To

add or remove Admin Command Prompt

add or remove Encrypt/Decrypt

add or remove File List Create

add or remove My Computer God Mode

add or remove Hide File

add or remove Unhide File

add or remove Hide Folder

add or remove Unhide Folder

add or remove Take Ownership

Desktop Options:

add or remove Flip3D

add or remove Desktop God Mode

add or remove Control Panel

add or remove Task Manager

add or remove Administrative Tools

add or remove Registry Editor

If the right click context menu is a tool you use frequently, installing Right-Click Extender Version 2, should help give a boost to your productivity.

System Requirements: Windows Vista, Windows 7 (sorry, not designed for Windows XP). As noted earlier, I’m running with Right-Click Extender Version 2 on Windows 8 with no problems.

Download at: MajorGeeks.com

The Windows Club offers a range of helpful Windows freeware apps – checkout their home page here.

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9 responses to “Right-Click Extender 2 Goes Great With Windows 8

  1. Hey Bill

    Right Click extender is a definite must have for any version of Windows but I can see with the new interface for Windows 8, how it would be a lifesaver. I have Windows 8 installed on my other drive, I just have not had the motivation to get working with it. I guess I will have to get my butt in gear of be left behind.

    Great article


    • Hey TeX,

      I find this a real help in Win 8, but as you have pointed out – “Right Click extender is a definite must have for any version of Windows”. Totally agree.



  2. Bill, I just took a look at your right-click menu and i think you might want to add FileMenu Tools to your computer. It adds one entry in your right-click menu and groups even more usefull options.

    See for yourself which utilities are included:

    Don’t know if it works under Win 8 though…

  3. Hi Bill,
    You are a patient man. Running a developer build for that long, without pulling all your hair out is impressive, as is right click extender. Great app and I agree, Windows Club is great.

    • Hi Mark,

      Overall, running with Win 8 hasn’t been too bad – other than the odd unexplained crash. 🙂 Right Click Extender has been a huge helper in coming to grips with the GUI. Wouldn’t be without it on any system.



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  5. Pradip Shah

    Perhaps something went wrong with my installation of Win 8. I always wanted Shutdown in the context menu on the desktop – Linux style. which this software gave me. (Not having quick shutdown buttons / mouse clicks is certainly a big pain.) But the second time around when I ran the utility it had all the check boxes UNCHECKED.

    Is there anyway I can undo the additions? The utility does not show me the options and always starts with an error message, although it works.!