System Mechanic Free – Click To Fix Windows Errors and Optimize PC Performance

I’ve previously reviewed System Mechanic here a number of times, including October of last year – a review in which I said –

System Mechanic 10– a highly effective performance-tuning application designed for the average user.  System Mechanic is the most inclusive system application I have ever tested. And, the developers have managed to do this in such a way, that an average user does not have to drill down through complex menu structures to correct performance issues that negatively impact his computing experience.

In a first for iolo, System Mechanic’s developer, they have released a cut down freeware version of the this powerful tune-up application – System Mechanic Free.

System Mechanic Free is comprised of 7 powerful core tools, designed for system repair and maintenance, which follow the times tested “one click simple” user interface developed in the commercial version of System Mechanic. An ideal GUI for both novice and power users.


Fast facts:

Registry Tuner: The most effective tool of its kind, Registry Tuner uses regularly updated research to safely repair registry errors and stabilize Windows computers.

Startup Optimizer: Eliminates the top 25 most common startup bottlenecks in order to noticeably speed up Windows start time.

Memory Mechanic: Reclaims more RAM memory for an instant performance boost.

PC Cleanup: Cleans up system-clogging junk files and clutter.

Drive Accelerator: Defragments hard drives to improve drive speed and performance.

Shortcut Repair: Reconnects broken icons and shortcuts.

Internet Connection Repair: Heals broken internet connections to get PCs back online.

I should point out, I have not tested System Mechanic Free, but I have had substantial experience with the commercial version, and the tools included in this freebie. They work as advertised.

System requirements: Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows XP

Download at: iolo (read the page carefully to ensure you download the free version).

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2 responses to “System Mechanic Free – Click To Fix Windows Errors and Optimize PC Performance

  1. graybeard

    Iolo installer will not load software properly-two errors result. Have used their product in the past and found it useful. It appears that it’s another ploy by another company.

    • Hey Graybeard,

      “It appears that it’s another ploy by another company” – can’t agree. While not a lot of readers downloaded this app (just under 50 yesterday), I have not had reports of any issues. As well, your comment prompted me to run this app and I did so without a problem.