Canadian Eh? Well Then – Happy Thanksgiving!

Canada tends to run in lock-step with the US – so much so, that when the Elephant sneezes, we often catch a cold. Given that both Canada and the US were born as colonies of the British Empire, it’s not surprising that we share many fundamental beliefs and traditions. Even our national holidays, by and large, fall on the same calendar date.

Thanksgiving though, is one exception. Here in Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October – a date established in 1957, following years of flip-flopping between dates in both October, and November.

Since today is the second Monday in October, and Thanksgiving Day here in Canada, I’d like to take the opportunity to extend best wishes to my Canadian friends.


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14 responses to “Canadian Eh? Well Then – Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. ken lunkins

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my friends in the north

    ken lunkins

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you Bill & the rest of the breakaways

    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you. Although, given the state of things, I’m not convinced that “giving thanks” is entirely appropriate this year.

      Maybe I’m just letting my natural cynicism override my pragmatism, this year. Oh well 🙂



  3. Murphy

    Happy Thanksgiving .
    Best regards and have a nice day !

  4. Hey Bill,

    I think a need a Canadian calendar so I am up on these holiday dates.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the Northerners


    • Hey TeX,

      I’ll say “Thanks” for myself, and all the other Canucks. 🙂

      Re: the Multi-date calender – I’m shocked that out of 12 gazillion apps, that’s there’s not an app for that. 🙂



  5. Hi Bill,
    So, do Canadians sit around and stuff themselves for hours like we do here in the lower half?
    Either way have a great one.

    • Thanks Mark,

      Oh yeah! 🙂

      It’s closing in on 11:30, and we’re just closing down after a day of it. 6 AM comes too early, otherwise I’d still be going strong since I’m watching Detroit put it to Chicago, Who’d of thought it – Detroit! But hey, good on them – they’ve been a patsy for way too long.



  6. hipockets

    Happy Thanksgiving from south of the border!
    Who says the U.S. can have only one day of Thanksgiving?

  7. Mal

    Happy Thanksgiving Bill.
    I guess the closest we get to that here is Australia Day, in January. That is a day when we also pig out on great food and sink copious amounts of grog. Oh, and watch sports lol.