Aviary Application Suite – Free In Browser Creativity Tools

imageI’ll admit, I’ve never been a big fan of cloud based applications – too old, too staid, too set in my ways, and of course – my dissatisfaction with cloud security. Still, I’m slowly being converted to the idea that online applications are, in some cases, as powerful and as convenient to use, as onboard applications.

A recent discovery – Aviary Application Suite – an impressive suite of browser-based design tools (see the following graphics), has been a bit of a convincer for me -maybe it’s time to get on the “cloud” bandwagon. Could be that this old dog can learn new tricks, after all.

The Aviary Application Suite offers an amazing range of high quality applications including –

Image Editor: Use the Aviary Image Editor for basic image retouching or complex effects.


Markup Editor: Use the Markup Editor to crop, resize and markup images and web pages captured from your browser.

Vector Editor: Use the Aviary Vector Editor to create fully scalable vector art.


Audio Editor: Use the Aviary Audio Editor to remix music tracks and audio clips. Apply sound effects and record your own voice and instruments.


Additional components.


First impressions:

The developer has put together a first class set of full blown creative applications that have been designed with simplicity in mind – yet, has managed to retain the power one would normally associate with locally installed applications. I must admit – I’m very enthusiastic about this cloud service. Scores a definite 10/10 in my book.

As part of the package, Avery provides a full range of tutorials (60+), designed to help users get the most “bang for the buck” from each suite component.

There’s much more to be discovered on the site than I can cover in a short review so, I recommend that you drop by the site and wander a bit.

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8 responses to “Aviary Application Suite – Free In Browser Creativity Tools

  1. I use this all the time, beats the hell out of paying for photoshop!

  2. John

    Hi Bill,
    Must say I’m very impressed with your find. I have had a play around with a couple of the creativity tools and it seems to work really well.

  3. Ramblinrick


    Aviary is one of the best cloud computing apps out there; hands down! Great write-up on this. I do not think people realize what is all out there…


    • Hey Rick,

      “I do not think people realize what is all out there…” – man, you are so right!

      I was at Wal-Mart a couple of days ago taking a look at software, and each application I saw had an equal, or better, free comparable. If people only knew.



  4. Bill, I agree with you. The Aviary Application Suite seems very impressive and easy to use. Having 60+ tutorials will certainly appeal to any user. You mentioned you are not a big fan of cloud-based applications, besides this one. What aspect of this suite appealed to you the most?

    • Hi Alexandra,

      I’m not a big fan of the cloud, in large measure, because of the hype that surrounds the concept. A little “truth in advertising”, rather than the nonsense propagated by developers, is sorely needed – I think.

      As for this particular service – I am most impressed with the professional quality of the applications.

      Always good to see your comments.