Pin Files, Folders and Web Sites, To Windows 7 Taskbar – Free Windows 7 Taskbar Items Pinner

imagePinning applications to the Windows 7 Taskbar is generally very easy. Unfortunately, Windows 7 Taskbar was not designed with the ability to pin files,  folders, or web pages – but, a small freeware tool, Windows 7 Taskbar Items Pinner, enables you to overcome this limitation.

Download the executable file from the developer’s site (Kishan Bagaria – a 13 year old from India), then be sure to run the executable as “administrator” or, you’ll get the following –


Currently, I’m testing Windows 8, so in some respects, I’m working with a user interface which has been turned upside down. One casualty of Microsoft’s thinking is – a reversal on a quick and easy way to reach all installed programs.

Using Windows 7 Taskbar Items Pinner, I’ve partially overcome this limitation by choosing to add two new links to the Taskbar – “Computer” and “Program Files”.


A partial screen shot showing “Program Files” on the Taskbar.


Activating the Program Files icon, launches the new Windows Explorer (notice the “Ribbon”) at C: Program Files. Since I work primarily in the “Desktop” –  as opposed to Windows 8 Metro interface, I now have quick access to a listing of installed applications.


Custom items, including files and folders, or even a website can easily be added to the Taskbar – as the following series of screen shots (in which I have created a link to this website), indicate.



The new Taskbar shortcut to Tech Thoughts, is shown in the following screen capture.


If adding files, folders and web links to the Taskbar in Windows 7 is an option you’d like to exercise, then checkout the developers page for additional information on how to use this freebie effectively.

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6 responses to “Pin Files, Folders and Web Sites, To Windows 7 Taskbar – Free Windows 7 Taskbar Items Pinner

  1. Hi Bill

    I use Classic Start Menu to delouse Win7 ~ itch gone. Also a right-click on the Start button allows one to exit the program & return to Win7 madness if necessary (I never have)

  2. Dave B.

    Actually Windows 7 is quite adept at adding websites to the task bar, just visit a site and drag the icon from the address bar to the task bar. Not only will it give each of your pinned links a unique icon if it uses a custom one (I can have Bill’s mug on my task bar!) it changes IE’s color scheme to match the website.

    • Hey Dave,

      And, what a mug shot it is too. 🙂

      You’re right, of course – with one caveat. This works perfectly in IE 9 (and IE 10 in Win 8), but not in Firefox (my Browser of choice). Although, it can be done by creating a shortcut on the Desktop, fiddling with Properties, etc.

      Glad you brought this out for IE users.



  3. Ben

    This is one of my must have small utilities for Windows 7. I pin the Pictures and Documents Folder to the taskbar.