Aldi Bot – Build A Botnet For $15!

imagePsst – wanna build a Botnet – one that can launch a DDoS attack, steal passwords saved in Firefox, steal passwords for Pidgin, remotely execute any file, or use a victim’s computer as a proxy?

No big deal if you haven’t a clue when it comes to the intricacies of coding, or programming – doesn’t matter if you don’t have any hacking skills – if you’ve got just €10 (about $15) to spare, you can buy Aldi Bot …..

Screen shot published by the malware creator.

…. and, create your very own Botnet. Of course, you’ll need the underground forum addresses where this sly tool is available (no, you won’t get those here).

In an over the edge example of “let’s see how far I can push the envelope” – the kiddie script creator will provide hands on installation instruction for those who need it. According to researchers at GData, who discovered Aldi Bot –

“Chat logs, posted by the malware author, reveal that he actually provides personal assistance for the installation and implementation of the bots, even to malware rookies, so-called noobs, who do not have the slightest idea of how to work with the malicious tools. He even uses TeamViewer to make his customers happy and ready to attack.”

Aldi Bot in action.


In case you might think that this type of do-it-yourself malware creation kit is a new or an unusual phenomenon; it isn’t. Downloadable malicious programs, like this, have been available for some time. Examples of DIY malware kits we’ve covered here in the past, include –

Facebook Hacker

T2W – Trojan 2 Worm (Constructor/Wormer)






I find it discouraging that wannabe cyber crooks, whose technical skills never got past the thumb-texting stage, have such ready access to such powerful malware creation tools. A rather sad reflection on the lack of resources available to the law enforcement community.

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6 responses to “Aldi Bot – Build A Botnet For $15!

  1. Pat

    I used tweaking on on Dell 1525 with good results. Tried it on Dell 1521 with Vista and it killed the WIFI and the MS Security Essentials. How do I restore the WIFI ? BTW I did all steps including create a restore point, but now system restore does not work either. What do I do?

  2. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    Kidde scripters! Noobs! I haven’t heard those terms since my chatroom days (which I don’t bother with anymore).
    Seriously though, scary stuff. This stuff gets into the hands of some down and outer with serious personal issues, and all of a sudden he becomes “Super Hacker” and starts creating havoc.
    The really scary part is, the people who get hacked usually don’t know they have been.

    • Hey mal,

      I suspect that there are more than just a few “down and outer(s) with serious personal issues”. out in the wild blue who are every bit as dangerous as you suggest. Scary stuff, alright.



  3. Daniel

    Did you know that we have a shop here called Aldi? ( Please note that I’ve only made this comment to add some fun into this.