Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – September 21, 2011

Speed Up Your Low-Powered PC or Netbook by Overclocking – Netbooks run basically the same OS as your desktop PC, but their portability and low cost mean that they’re made to run a bit slower. By overclocking you can push it just over the speed bump to where it’s a bit more usable. Here’s how to overclock your Atom-based PC or netbook.

Google+ Goes Public, Hangouts Go Mobile – About three months after Google launched a field trial of its Google+ social network, the service is now open to everyone without an invite. To access the service, visit

Internet Privacy: Cookies as a Weapon – In November 2009 the European Parliament approved a directive on Internet privacy that, among other things, required user opt-in before websites could install cookies on the user’s computer. In theory, any U.S. company running a website that may be used by any citizen of any European Union country would have to follow the rules or risk being brought up on charges by an EU country.

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Your New Wallet is Here – Google Wallet, The search giant’s groundbreaking initiative to allow U.S. consumers to pay for items using their phones as a virtual credit card, simply works. Check out our hands on for the details.

SmartScreen, Not Antivirus, is the Security Game-Changer in Windows 8 – The focus on the antivirus included in Windows 8 is misplaced. The really important development is the inclusion of SmartScreen, Microsoft’s reputation service. Well-executed, could make even a mediocre antivirus system adequate.

Microsoft re-releases botched security update – Microsoft has re-released a security update for Windows XP and Server 2003 after it has realized that the initial one – released last Tuesday in order to add six more DigiNotar root certificates to its Windows Untrusted Certificate Store – did not revoke all the certificates it planned to.

XSS bug in Skype iPhone app allows address book theft – A bug in the latest version of Skype for iPhone and iPod touch makes its users vulnerable to having their address book stolen just by viewing a specially crafted message, says AppSec Consulting security researcher Phil Purviance.

Hundreds of GoDaddy Sites Compromised to Serve Malware – Usernames and passwords appear to have been stolen from site admins. It’s time to check your site to make sure you’re not hacked.

Company News:

Google Preps ‘Honeycomb’ Developers for ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ – Google’s Android team provided some tips to help developers of “Honeycomb” tablet applications to prepare for the Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” build next month. There’s no SDK yet, though.

Micron SSD featuring self encryption – Micron Technology introduced a new version of its RealSSD C400, featuring self encryption. The C400 SED’s encryption capabilities are delivered through a hardware-based, AES-256-bit encryption engine and advanced security firmware.

Dell Seeks to Simplify SMB IT Infrastructure Virtualization – Dell designed its new vStart 50 hardware package to help SMBs deploy virtualized infrastructure and to make IT management more efficient.

Imation acquires IronKey’s security hardware business – Imation announced it will acquire the assets of IronKey’s secure data storage hardware business. The two companies also announced a strategic partnership whereby Imation will receive an exclusive license from IronKey for its secure storage management software and service, and a license to use the IronKey brand for secure storage products. IronKey will partner with Imation to provide its online cloud-based security services.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Why Hackers Don’t Need to be Smart – Online, in print, on TV, and on the radio, report after report claims that malicious hacking is “more sophisticated than ever before.” The media seemingly wants the world to believe it’s besought by impossible-to-stop uberhackers with supersophisticated tools and skills. The reality is far different:

How to Make a Facebook Page for Your Small Business – Whether you’re an HTML whiz or you don’t know a line of code, you can create a Facebook page from scratch. Here’s how to establish a presence on the social network so you can start tapping into its massive community for customers.

Are Mobile-Style Interfaces Leaving Desktop Power Users Behind? – The increasing prevalence of tablet-like user interfaces may be opening up a growing niche for less graphically focused desktop operating systems like Arch Linux.

Health care delivered, via technology, at very low cost – Social networking and cloud-based tools enable low-cost healthcare delivery: ‘you couldn’t do this 20 years ago.’

Today’s Quote:

Every man serves a useful purpose: A miser, for example, makes a wonderful ancestor.”

–    Laurence J. Peter

Today’s Free Downloads:

Microsoft Security Essentials – Microsoft Security Essentials holds its own as a free standalone antivirus app. It doesn’t provide a firewall, behavioral detection, or other security extras. But since Vista and Windows 7 already include a two-way firewall, MSE looks like a good budget choice for baseline antivirus protection.

Mp3 Ripper 6.5.5 – Mp3 Ripper is an allround audio CD extracting software, with it you can easily extract audio CD tracks to various digital audio formats.

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