Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – September 11, 2011

Facebook more crucial than having a toilet – A survey by London’s Science Museum discovers that having access to Facebook ranks just below having running water in people’s list of life priorities.

Google Web History Vulnerable to Firesheep Hack – Researchers show how a refresh of the Firesheep Wi-Fi sniffing tool can be used to access most of a victim’s Google Web History.

Clean up your Windows hard drive (screenshots) – It’s much easier to fill up your hard drive that it is to clean it. With so many folders and directories how do you pinpoint what’s taking up space?

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Windows 8 to include Hyper-V virtualization – The next version of Windows will come with Hyper-V, making it the first desktop OS to include the virtualization technology.

Microsoft Yanks AVG App from Windows Phone Marketplace Due to Privacy Concerns – AVG is going to have to rethink its mobile application strategy if it wants its security app reinstated in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Microsoft removed the security software vendor’s app from the Marketplace after learning that it might be harvesting a bit too much information from users and sending data back to AVG’s servers.

Windows 7 startup time will get faster too – Windows 7’s startup time can be snappy with the right storage technology, and this should improve with Ultrabooks due later this year

Android Port for HP TouchPad Nearly Ready For Download – Seems like just last week I was imploring users not to buy the TouchPad to run Android–no one had made it work! Well, that was then and now we have this video of CyanogenMod booting Android on the TouchPad. So yes, it works. Barely. But remember it is still just running a variant of Android 2.3, not the more tablet friendly Honeycomb. IMHO, you might be better off sticking with the WebOS for now. That browser is great and that is probably all you are going to use anyway.

Microsoft Defends Windows 8 Ribbon Decision – With more details about Windows 8 becoming public, Microsoft officials have had to weather criticisms of some reported features. The latest is the use of a “ribbon” user interface in the upcoming OS. Some of the feedback to the ribbon UI in Windows Explorer has been negative, but the company says it will lead to an optimized file manager.

Company News:

Adobe acquires cinema tech, staff from Iridas – The Speedgrade technology and employees will help Adobe grapple with new video grends including 3D, color, HDR, and raw video.

First Intel-Based Ultrabooks Slated for September – While 2011 looks to be a modest year for shipments of ultra-thin Windows-based laptops, the Ultrabook category is heating up. Asus will ship the first Ultrabook in September, with Toshiba following with a model due in November.

HP Unveils All-In-One Printer Capable Of Scanning 3D Objects – Think that HP’s going to throw in the towel now that they’ve blown up the PC world and announced plans to spin-off or sell their personal computer group? Think again. The company just pulled the curtain off of its new HP TopShot Laserjet Pro M275 – a scanner that can scan 3D images rather than just plain-jane 2D papers. It’s not anywhere near as cool as those 3D printers you’ve seen on YouTube, but still kind of nifty.

Off Topic (Sort of):

8 beers Americans no longer drink – Some of America’s most famous beers have lost a tremendous amount of their national sales over the last five years. Mostly, they are full-calorie beers, and they have lost sales to lower-calorie products, as well as imports and craft beers. 24/7 Wall St. looked at the 23 largest selling beer products in America and found eight that have lost a staggering 30 percent or more of their sales between 2005 and 2010.

Facebook’s Self-Regulation in Germany a Bow to Stricter Culture – Facebook’s willingness to agree to a voluntary code of conduct in Germany to protect users’ data shows it is mindful of how the culture there contrasts with that in the U.S.

9/11 TV Coverage Compiled in Internet Archive – “Understanding 9/11: A Television News Archive” is a time capsule offering 3000 hours of news coverage from the week of September 11, 2001.

Headlines Predict Death of MS-Office – I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Microsoft Office is pretty tired. All of its elements are old and boring. PowerPoint, except for the addition of a few templates, has never fulfilled its promise. Microsoft never seriously jazzed it up and a PowerPoint presentation from a decade ago barely differs from a PowerPoint presentation made today.

Today’s Quote:

When in doubt, tell the truth.”

–    Mark Twain

Today’s Free Downloads:

DVD Slim Free – DVD Slim Free is a small and easy to use application that allows you to quickly create and print covers. It allows you to print traditional covers for CDs, DVD, VHS, Blue Ray, Playstation Portable, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, Standard and Mini-Disc Labels.

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