Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – August 24, 2011

Keep Your Wi-Fi Secure, Quick Windows Tips – Learn how to keep your wi-fi network safe from the neighbors, switch quickly between windows, and use a shortcut to get fast access to folders.

How Do I Stop My Browser from Slowing to a Crawl? – That’s the trouble with browsers these days-everyone argues over a few seconds of startup and rendering time, but eventually everyone winds up complaining about how slow they get with regular use. Everyone has their favorite, but since we’re not talking about any specific browser, here are a few suggestions to speed up any browser that’s gotten bogged down over time.

The 25 Best iPhone Apps – What’s an Apple iPhone without apps? Here are the best 25 apps available, apps that everyone with an iPhone should have. All of them made the cut because they’ve shown outstanding performance, have universal appeal, or a solid history. Not all are free, but the most you’ll spend is about $10.

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60 Open Source Tools for Protecting Your Privacy – Maintaining your privacy takes more effort than it did even five years ago, but these 60 open source software tools can help you keep your personal info from going public.

Facebook revamps its Privacy Settings – Most settings used to be on separate pages, accessible via a number of clicks and sometimes seemingly buried and hard to find. Now, every content that you put on your profile will come with a drop-down menu on the side, where you can choose if you want to make item public to everyone, visible only to friends or even visible only to a select few people:

Fake Facebook friend request email leads to malware – Facebook users are once again being targeted with fake emails purportedly coming from the social network, alerting them to a friend request.

Skype XSS vulnerability allows malicious code injection? – According to a German researcher, a XSS bug in the latest ( Skype version for Windows could allow attackers to inject malicious code into users’ phone sessions and in the end even hijack their computers.

Malware targeting Android jumps 76 percent – The amount of malware targeted at Android devices jumped 76 percent since last quarter, to become the most attacked mobile operating system, according to McAfee.

Yale confirms 10-month-long data breach – Names and Social Security numbers of some 43,000 people that were affiliated with Yale University back in 1999 have been accessible to users of the Google search engine for the past ten months, reports the Yale Daily News.

Company News:

AMD Adds Extra Oomph to Fusion APUs – Advanced Micro Devices’ E-Series and C-Series APU platforms now deliver longer battery life, plus enhanced memory, 3D, and DisplayPort++ capabilities.

Windows 8 Will Have ‘Robust USB 3.0 Support’ – Microsoft’s Building Windows 8 blog confirms that the next version of Windows will build in support for USB 3.0.

Skype Buys GroupMe to Take on Google+ Huddles – With the acquisition of GroupMe, Skype adds mobile group chat to its repertoire and challenges the Huddles feature of the Google+ mobile app.

TouchPad Fever–Why Do We Suddenly Love WebOS? – Granted, the $99 HP Touchpad tablet is a great deal, but why is finding one mesmerizing the Internet?

Off Topic (Sort of):

Young Workers Drive Tech Support Mad – Younger workers who grew up with computers and mobile phones enter the workforce with more technology experience than any prior generation. This makes life both easier and harder for IT support staffs, according to a survey from Bomgar. On one hand, Millennials are more inclined than older workers to seek solutions to tech issues. On the other hand, IT pros are concerned about the effectiveness of this DIY approach, worrying that it leads to security breaches.

Virginia Earthquake Jams Cell Phone Networks in NYC, DC – Cell phone networks are jammed in Manhattan, Washington D.C., and other areas affected by a magnitude 5.8 earthquake that struck central Virginia at 1:53 pm Eastern time.

Every Tablet Should be $99 – Writer Russell Holly brings up a good point. He says, “In many ways, tablets are like video game consoles in terms of purpose, only with some strange artifact of productivity mixed in randomly. The success or failure of a tablet is now based on the marketing and the price.” He suggests dropping the marketing part and making all tablets the same price: $99. There’s a method to his madness. Read on.

Windows XP continues to be the operating system that just won’t die – Windows XP is slowly being phased out as new PCs are deployed, but the migration is still far from complete. Recent poll results suggest Windows XP is going to be around for a long time.

Today’s Quote:

Cynicism is an unpleasant way of saying the truth.”

–     Lillian Hellman

Today’s Free Downloads:

PC Wizard – This free utility from CPUID relays a lot of info. Much of said info may be found in Windows Device Manager, but a lot of it can’t. In addition to the usual processor info, PC Wizard reports on the motherboard chipset, CPU model and cache sizes, voltages, hard drive spindle speed, and more.

Cinebench – Cinebench tests CPU and OpenGL performance using the popular Cinema 4D rendering package as the basis for a series of real-world tests, including a scene render and car chase. Results are easy to understand, contextually ranked against similar systems according to criteria you select.

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2 responses to “Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – August 24, 2011

  1. Dave B.

    In RE: Keep Your Wi-Fi Secure; A scary name with no security? Really? That’s just plain idiotic. The general public has no clue the ills that can befall them with unsecured wi-fi, vey bad advise to say the least.

    • Hi Dave,

      Bizarre – weird – stupid, were just some of the words that popped into my head when I read this. But yeah – “idiotic” covers it nicely.

      Good to have you on the lookout for the “nutso news”, like you do.