Free License For Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.1 At Giveaway of the Day

I make no bones about the fact that I don’t get involved in low end software license giveaways – you know the type – “Contest: We have 5/10 licenses to giveaway to your readers”, or something similar. It’s a mugs game – the only winner is a software developer.

In the meantime, the Blogger does all the back end work – testing the application (although I’m aware of some Bloggers who don’t), writing a review, replying to the contest entries; setting up the drawing to pull the winning entries; notifying the winners, etc. All of this for what – so that 5/10 readers out of perhaps as many as 3/5000 daily readers, get a free one year license for a piece of software?

No, there are much better alternatives, including the website Giveaway of the Day which specializes in – you guessed it – free, fully licensed applications – a new one every day. Definitely beats a low end 5/10 license contest hands down. There’s no entry to fill out, and then having to trust that lady luck will reward you. Best of all – there’s no waiting.

I’m not suggesting that each and every offering at Giveaway of the Day is worthwhile – it’s been my experience that they are not. Nevertheless, depending on your needs of course, you’re likely to find something of interest from time to time.

As an example – todays free fully licensed application is Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.1 – Performance Edition.


From the site:

Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.1 – Performance Edition delivers robust, multilayered protection to address all possible Internet risks including known and zero-day viruses, spyware, hacker attacks and intrusions, spam, and more. Enhanced with SmartDecision technology – Personal Virus Adviser for users, Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.1 ensures your fast decision-making in security issues.

Why choose Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.1?

Enhanced Anti-Malware with award-winning virus, spyware, rootkits detection and blocking rates;

Two-way firewall and Web Control tools to keep PC connections secure;

Advanced proactive protection to preemptively block unknown and zero-day threats;

High-speed performance with no system slowdown.

Limitations: upgrades are not available, one technical support request, NB! License includes unlimited one-year priority databases and configuration updates.

System requirements: Windows 7, Vista, XP SP2+, Server 2003 SP1+, (x86-/x64-/multi-core).

Download: Visit Giveaway of the Day for download information.

Note: Offers at Giveaway of the Day are limited to 24 hours. At the time of this posting there are 16 hours 33 minutes left, before this offer expires.

Note: Since its inception more that 10 years ago, Outpost technology has been credited with many awards and accolades from top testing authorities and reviewing organizations around the world.

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2 responses to “Free License For Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5.1 At Giveaway of the Day

  1. Ahmed Helmy

    is this software better than PCTOOLS internet Security 2011?

    • Hey Ahmed,

      I have no personal knowledge on this except to say – all AVs are essentially the same technology. Most of the advertised differences are simply hype.