Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – August 21, 2011

U.S. Best Buy to sell $100 HP TouchPad Sunday – A store manager in suburban Los Angeles said the TouchPad will go on sale when Best Buy opens its doors Sunday at 10 a.m. The sale applies to all Best Buy stores that have stock, but not all stores do, he said.

Download Windows7 ISOs to Reinstall Without Restoring Your System – Luckly, you can download full ISOs (disc images) of the various types of Windows 7 from Microsoft and These ISOs were put there to be freely available for customers who purchase copies of Windows7 online, but if you have a legit product key there is no reason you can’t use the ISOs to make your own Windows install disc.

How to Turn Your All in One PC into a TV – When you’re figuring out how to get your favorite TV shows in your dorm room, chances are your desktop isn’t the first option to come to mind. Sure, you’re used to watching YouTube video and the like on a PC, but your favorite TV shows? Not really. But we’re about to change all that.

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Improper SSL Implementations Leave Sites Wide Open to Attack – Security researchers are buzzing about the flaws in the Secure Sockets Layer system and the fact that a significant portion of the Internet is vulnerable to attack.

10 Reasons Smartphones Are Better Than Tablets – While tablets and smartphones can both deliver mobility, the same operating systems, and applications, they may seem seem equally competitive. But in reality, they’re not. As nice as tablets are — and they are quite nice — they aren’t as appealing as smartphones. Handsets are simply the best options for both consumers and enterprise users alike. And if those folks are trying to decide between a tablet and a smartphone, the latter is best. Here’s why.

GingerMaster Malware Seen Using Root Exploit for Android Gingerbread – The evolution of mobile malware seems to be accelerating, especially as it applies to Android malware. The newest example of this rapid change is the appearance of GingerMaster, a variant of the DroidKungFu malware that now sports a root exploit for Android 2.3 and gives the attacker complete control of the infected device.

Datacenter power outage and DDoS attack cripples VoIP vendor – Summary: How many cloud failures have to happen before consumers take notice? – Of course, the explanation is of little value to customers who found themselves without service. This is true of any cloud-based outage; customers won’t care why it happened, they just don’t want it to happen again. And it is the primary Achilles Heel of cloud based services; anything that can cause a service interruption eventually will, and it is next to impossible to prevent every potential failure.

British spy agency called in to crack BlackBerry encryption – British intelligence service, MI5 has been drafted in to assist its sister service, GCHQ in cracking the BlackBerry encryption code, in order to find those responsible for disseminating messages which perpetuated riots in London earlier this month.

Company News:

HP Crediting Fire-Sale Difference to Current TouchPad Owners – Folks, we’re all a bit upset right now, and who can blame you? But it’s looking to us like HP is trying to make things right for customers that took the plunge on the HP TouchPad previously. Here’s what we know….. (submitted by Michael F.)

Astute Unveils ViSX G3 Virtualization Acceleration Platform – Astute Networks, a specialist in network and flash-based technologies for virtualized infrastructure, announced the introduction of ViSX G3, a performance solution for VMware virtualization environments. The ViSX G3 platform is designed to enable faster, more widespread adoption of server and desktop virtualization, as well as cloud computing, by delivering sustained random I/O performance, with optimized flash memory, to virtual machines over standard local area networks.

Facebook’s ‘Like’ button illegal in German state – State official says Liking and other Facebook activities allow for illegal profiling by a foreign company.

Twitter rolls out Bootstrap toolkit for developing Web apps – The microblogging service is introducing a new toolkit for developers building Web-based applications more rapidly in CSS.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Lifehacker: Top 10 Products You Don’t Need to Buy (Because You Already Have Them In Your Home) – We spend loads on all sorts of cleaning, health, and other household products at the store every week, but quite often you can get the same jobs done with less obvious products already in your house. Here are ten of our favorite household stand-ins.

Facebook, Twitter Costing Businesses Time, Money – A calculator that measures the cost to companies of time spent by employees using social media has revealed that the average company with 52 employees pays out $65,000 per year for non-work-related social media activity.

The 12 Biggest PC Duds – The PC industry has produced no shortage of stinkers over the past 30 years. From expensive messes to ridiculous designs, here are the worst of the worst, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the PC.

Red Hat CEO thinks the desktop is becoming a legacy application – In five years, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst sees the traditional desktop becoming obsolete.

Today’s Quote:

Stubbornness is also determination. It’s simply a matter of shifting from “won’t power” to “will power.”

–     Peter McWilliams

Today’s Free Downloads:

IECookiesView – The program’s interface is plain and easy to navigate, with menus and buttons across the top. A large display pane shows a list of cookies with the dates they were created, modified, and accessed, as well as their size, status, domain, and number of hits. Check boxes next to the cookies let users select them and take bulk actions, including deleting, destroying, and blocking them. If there are cookies stored in multiple locations or for multiple users, IECookiesView lets users easily switch between them.

Google Maps with GPS Tracker – Golenfound’s Google Maps with GPS Tracker is a small, free application that uploads your GPS position regularly via GPRS or 3G and then automatically updates your position on a Google Map display. You need a GPS device to use it, but you can download and try the GpsGate simulator software free for 14 days. Once you’re familiar with Google Maps with GPS Tracker, you can buy a GPS device that suits your needs and configure the program to accept it.

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  1. Dave B.

    Those HP Touchpads are creating quite a fiasco, poping up at various online retailers and going out of stock within minutes. I got my paws on 2 16GB models from Amazon, they went out of stock minutes after that. Even as is $99 is a bargain. There’s a group working on porting Android to them so the whole WebOS future probably isn’t relevant to their useability. The profiteers on ebay are selling them with a 150% markup.