OPSWAT’s Metascan Online – A VirusTotal Alternative

imageI’m right and you’re wrong.

No, I’m right and you’re wrong!

You’re listening to a couple of sports fans arguing over who’s the best tennis player maybe? Could be – but, if you’re analyzing a downloaded file with more than one antimalware application (and you should), you could be witnessing a more serious difference of opinion.

You’ve primary anti-malware application is advising you that the application you just downloaded contains malware. But, since you’re an aware computer user, you’ve launched your secondary malware scanner and – surprise – there’s a difference of opinion – no malware.

So, you’re now dealing with the big question – are you dealing with a false positive thrown up by the primary malware scanner, or is it more likely that the secondary scanner is misbehaving?

You could just flip a coin, or go with your best guess – but, you didn’t become a super user by flipping coins, or guessing, when it comes to your system’s security. No, you’re better than that, so you upload the questionable file to VirusTotal, where it will be scanned for nasties by thirty five plus diverse online scanners.


VirusTotal result – a clean file. Elapsed time on this scan – under a minute.


As an alternative to VirusTotal, or in addition to (maybe not a bad idea), you can run the file through a new service now being offered by OPSWAT, the company behind the highly recommended AppRemover.

OPSWAT’s Metascan Online, is similar in many respects to VirusTotal – as the following screen shots indicate.

Browse your Hard Drive for the file to be uploaded (for this test I’ve selected a different executable – 15 MB as opposed to 3 MB).



Detailed results are shown in the  following screen capture. As you can see – the file has been processed through 19 AVs and has come up clean. Elapsed time on this scan – just over a minute.


This new service was launched just a few days ago, so you may experience a glitch or two. In testing, over several days (in both Windows and Ubuntu Linux), I must admit I bumped my head a time or two,  but after speaking with the company, the minor server issues I encountered were resolved quickly.

Responsiveness to customer issues is the hallmark of a client centered organization, and OPSWAT certainly meets that test.

Fast facts:

Use of multiple antivirus engines

Real-time automatic updates of virus signatures

Detailed results from each antivirus engine

Real time global statistics available



Keep in mind, an online scanning service is not a substitute for an appropriate local defense system, including a firewall (either software or hardware), and a sound and effective anti-malware application.

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11 responses to “OPSWAT’s Metascan Online – A VirusTotal Alternative

  1. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    Always good to have an alternative, or additional opinion. For instance, a couple of months ago, Avira Rescue CD was flagging Current Ports as malware. I was fairly sure it was a false positive, but just to be sure, ran it through Virus Total, which came up clean. I might add that since then Avira doesn’t flag CP as malware now, so obviously a false positive.
    Choice is a good thing, maybe some people might prefer this new service to Virus Total.

    • Hey Mal,

      A perfect example of what to do when faced with the “maybe malware” question.

      Interestingly, I had the same issue with CurrPorts a while back.



  2. John P. Cummins

    I see that IE8 is not one of the supported browsers. Do you know when or if it will be?


  3. Murphy

    Thank you .
    Best regards and have a nice weekend !

  4. Hey Bill,

    This sounds pretty good. I definitely like the bigger limit on the file size. I will add it to the security arsenal.

    Yep…..It’s a keeper

    Thanks for the article


  5. Once upon a time I was not here …
    Yes – an interesting scanner.
    Others I knew – it does not.
    Thanks Bill.

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