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Think Windows is insecure? You’re wrong, says security firm Kaspersky – Conventional wisdom has it that Windows and products from Microsoft are extremely unsafe, easy targets for hackers. That conventional wisdom is wrong, according to security firm Kaspersky Lab’s recent quarterly malware report, which found not a single Microsoft-related threat in the top ten.

Firefox 6: 4 Reasons to Upgrade – Speed, security and an unbeatable price are among the reasons people should take the plunge and get the newest version of Firefox.

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Stealing ATM PINs with thermal cameras – Thermal image of ATM PIN padThermal imaging provides several advantages. Unlike with traditional cameras, visually masking the PIN pad does not defeat the attack, and the ability to automate PIN harvesting using computer software further simplifies the task. (submitted by Michael F.)

Craigslist phishers warn about phishing – Scammers are targeting Craigslist users again – this time with a phishing page that tries to trick users into believing it’s legitimate by containing a warning about phishing pages. Actually, the page in question is a nearly perfect copy of the legitimate Craigslist login page.

Outage hits Microsoft CRM Online, Office 365 customers – Microsoft CRM Online and Office 365 users were hit with outages to their cloud services on August 17. Microsoft has yet to respond as to what’s going on.

Skype WiFi for iOS launches with access at 1 million hotspots worldwide – Previously known as Skype Access, the Skype WiFi app is coming to iOS devices for access at hotspots worldwide. The app itself is quite simple to figure out, especially if you’re already a Skype subscriber using the regular calling apps on smartphones, tablets or desktop/laptop computers.

Adobe Says ‘We Didn’t Hide Vulnerabilities’ In Latest Patch – Adobe took pains to defuse a dispute between the company and famed Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy, posting more information about the holes fixed with a patch for its Flash Player software. Adobe had claimed that 13 separate vulnerabilities were patched with the bulletin APSB11-21, while Ormandy said that patch addressed hundreds of holes.

RealPlayer multiple vulnerabilities – Some vulnerabilities have been reported in RealPlayer, which can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a user’s system, according to Secunia.

Company News:

Report: Best Buy Sitting on Huge Stock of Unsold HP TouchPads – It seems a majority of Best Buy’s supply of HP TouchPads are sitting on the shelves and hiding in stock rooms collecting dust, and the retailer is apparently not happy with its excess inventory, All Things D reported. Citing a “source who’s seen internal HP reports,” All Things D said Best Buy took on an inventory of 270,000 TouchPads, but it has only sold 25,000 of the tablets.

Zynga Hit With Patent Suit Over In-Game Rewards – Online game maker Zynga, which produces Facebook favorites like FarmVille, has been hit with a patent suit over the use of in- game rewards and prizes.

RSA proactively blocks malware threats – RSA announced updates to its CyberCrime Intelligence Service designed to help enterprises monitor and harden their infrastructure against malware infection and data loss.

Kaspersky Debuts New Antivirus, Internet Security Products – Revamped antivirus and Internet security software feature a new interface, as well as the capability to undo damage caused by malicious programs.

StealthWatch 6.1 adds internal and external monitoring capabilities – Lancope released a new version of its monitoring platform, the StealthWatch System 6.1. This version increases both the amount and types of flow data that can be processed by the system to deliver even higher levels of network visibility, performance and security.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Bug Bounties: Why Paying Hackers Makes You Safer – Companies like Google and HP are paying big bucks to people who can find holes in their software.

The Patent System Isn’t Broken: We Are – It’s simplistic to say the patent system is broken. That technology has shown its flaws and is beyond repair. “The problem isn’t software patents — the problem is that software patents don’t actually exist”

The operating system still matters and always will according to poll – We are told that with cloud computing and virtualization the operating system does not matter anymore. Well, according to these poll results those ideas are completely wrong.

10 basic search engine optimization tips – You can improve your Web site’s search engine rankings without paying an SEO specialist an arm and a leg. Justin James shares some steps you can take that will really pay off.

Today’s Quote:

We prefer knowing to thinking, because knowing has more immediate value”

–    Neal Gabler

Today’s Free Downloads:

Splashtop Remote Desktop – Like most remote control software, there are two components to Splashtop: the Streamer, which you install on computers you want to control, and the Remote, which you install on your command center. There are Splashtop Remote apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android and webOS devices as well.

Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition: your browser, your way… in your pocket – Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition is the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser bundled with a Launcher as a portable app, so you can take your bookmarks, extensions and saved passwords with you. (submitted by Michael F.)

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