Free SlimCleaner 1.8 – Now With IntelliCookie

SlimCleaner just keeps on getting better. The latest release of this free application which is designed to cleans out your PCs deep dirt, now includes IntelliCookie – in addition to a wide range of extra functionality.

IntelliCookie lets users delete tracking cookies from their PCs while preserving the time-saving cookies that contain login information for frequently visited Websites, such as email, bank or social media sites.

IntelliCookie isn’t the only innovative new feature in SlimCleaner 1.8. The free software’s latest version also includes a new section that lets consumers manage their browser settings and remove any “junkware” that can bloat and slow down a browser.


For a complete rundown on this trend setting application, take a look at Free SlimCleaner Final – Optimizer, Uninstaller, Shredder and Anti- Hijacker Built In, here on this site.

System requirements: Windows 7, Vista and XP (32 bit and 64 bit).

Download at: Developer’s site –

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