Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – August 1, 2011

5 More PC Upgrade Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them) – Upgrading your computer can be easy enough for most people. But it’s not without its pitfalls. Here are five common upgrade mistakes that even experienced users make.

How to Benchmark Your PC – Looking to maximize your PC’s performance or troubleshoot a problem? First, you’ll need to master the art of benchmarking.

WASP: The Linux-powered flying spy drone that cracks Wi-Fi & GSM networks – If you think that there are drones in the sky that can break into your WiFi network and eavesdrop on your cell phone calls, that doesn’t make you paranoid–it makes you an informed reader. Matthew Humphries has details on the Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform or WASP. Including a video that proves it flies. Check out his story and keep your eyes out.

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Small Biz VPN for Free – For basic VPN functionality at no cost, LogMeIn Hamachi is our Editors’ Choice; it’s especially suited to small businesses on budget who want to deploy secure VPN. Plus, there’s a paid version of Hamachi you can graduate to should you or your business need more sophisticated VPN abilities.

Hardware Problems? Troubleshoot a Cranky PC With HWMonitor – Why is that puny game crashing your power rig? Which component is getting pushed over the edge? Is it your watt-thirsty video card? The overclocked CPU? The interleaved banks of exotic RAM? Finding out the limits as you fine-tune a system can be harder than you might expect. HWMonitor (free) can help.

Conversation-spying Android Trojan in the wild – But a recently detected Android Trojan is also capable to record users’ conversation, and that can be misused for inflicting a different type of damage. According to CA researcher Dinesh Venkatesan, this particular Trojan records conversations in AMR format, as allowed by the permissions the user has approved:

10 things you still should do to a new PC before you login to Facebook – When you get a new PC, one of the first things you want to do is connect it to the Internet. But that is a very bad idea. We list 10 things you need to do to prepare your new PC for the Internet.

Great Online Music Sites – With an ever-growing number of services and devices, there are plenty of legal ways to find and share new music. Interestingly, these have come out of the tech, not the music, industry. Though the music industry has bemoaned the decline of album sales and revenue for years, it hasn’t adapted its business model to be the innovator. Our story shows you the latest ways to find and listen to new music.

Company News:

Foxconn to replace workers with 1 million robots in 3 years – Taiwanese technology giant Foxconn will replace some of its workers with 1 million robots in three years to cut rising labor expenses and improve efficiency, said Terry Gou, founder and chairman of the company, late Friday. Foxconn, the world’s largest maker of computer components which assembles products for Apple, Sony and Nokia, is in the spotlight after a string of suicides of workers at its massive Chinese plants, which some blamed on tough working conditions. (submitted by Michael F.)

Google’s Schmidt to Face Congress Sept. 21 – The Senate Judiciary Committee confirmed this week that Google’s Eric Schmidt will testify before the panel on September 21.

Android Hits 39% Smartphone Share, iOS at 28%: Nielsen – Google’s Android platform led the way in June with a 39 percent market share, while Apple’s iPhone followed with 28 percent, said Nielsen. A big battle looms between these two platforms this fall.

Short Story of the Week:

Paul Andrew Russell’s – Eye Lights

Adam Hicks didn’t have much time to react when the truck in front of him suddenly stopped in the road. He swerved into the outside lane and just managed to get around it, missing the rear corner by a hair’s breadth. His heart pounded, and sweat beads instantly formed on his forehead and chest. He felt sick as he realised just how close he’d come to dying.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Can We Get Addicted to Our Smartphones? – A new study finds that the smartphones contribute to the development of a ‘”checking habit,” but those habits are not yet harmful to our health.

How Your Mobile Carrier Is Hurting You – Wireless service providers have always been criticized, especially for delivering a quality of service that is not fully worth the high fees they charge customers. But as of late, things have gotten especially bad in several ways. We highlight how wireless carriers are disappointing customers.

R.I.P. DVD: Six Reasons It’s Time for Discs to Die – CDs and DVDs were great for awhile, but its time to move on. Here are six reasons why it’s time to ditch optical drives and the discs that feed them.

11 Tips to Ensure Great Smartphone Photography – A phone is designed to make calls, but for many people it’s also their primary camera. Here are our tips on how to make phone photos look great.

Today’s Quote:

I can believe anything, provided that it is quite incredible.”

–    Oscar Wilde

Today’s Free Downloads:

Need to Organize Your Music Library? MusicBrainz Picard Makes It So – MusicBrainz Picard can identify, tag, rename, and sort music files, to make your library all neat and tidy.

Fast Duplicate File Finder – With photos, videos, and music files clogging up your hard disk, it’s harder than ever to keep it clean, trim, and free of duplicates. Use Fast Duplicate File Finder, though, and you’ll be able to find duplicate files with ease.

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