“You’re Cheating Heart, Won’t Tell On You” – But I Might!

imageThe Internet is hardly what one could call transparent. The Net, unfortunately, has any number of dark, murky sides – including anonymity. Anonymity which allows cybercriminals, trolls, flamers, hackers, spammers, phishers, malware pushers, and cyberbullies to flourish. I’m sure you can add to the list.

Now, we have cyberbullying taking to a new level – a website designed to out cheaters. Anonymously, of course.

Cheaterville.com, offers an opportunity for users to log onto the site, defame someone’s reputation and character, and do it anonymously. Just imagine – a  website where people can anonymously accuse spouses, friends, and even enemies, of infidelity. A perfect opportunity for the cowardly to attempt to destroy someone’s life without accountability, and without meeting a burden of proof .

The reality is – people cheat.

While I’m certainly not a defender of infidelity as practiced by well known connoisseurs of the cheating art – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Eliot Spitzer, and the like – nevertheless, the concept behind this site is nauseating and detestable.

Consider your reaction if you stumbled upon anonymously posted data, concerning you – as illustrated in the following taken from the site.

Trouser Snake Hunter.

Remember this face when you are in SOCAL because if you see her out at a bar then you are most likely going introduce yourself and then 5 minutes later be getting oral from her in the bathroom. When will her clueless boyfriend find out what a skank his girl is.


Adriano Iori

I dated this man for 5 years I gave him my heart and soul. I went through a hard time dealing with a rape charge he was the ony 1 here for me when i had no one. I gave him everything he wanted asking nothing for return. The money and time and love i spent on him. Later I find out not only did he cheat on me with tons of girls from other schools he then sleeps with my best friend he was caught in the act. Till this day he wont admit it he tells me im making it up and that im crazy coward even after we broke i still stuck up 4 him till the day he told me to drop dead and called me a crazy bitch all bc i moved on and didnt “wait for him to be of age for a serious commitment”


Cheats and steals from everyone.

She’s cheated on her ex-husband, another ex-fiance, and boyfriends before. She is a compulsive liar and will try and con her way into your life with the intent of getting to your wallet. The ex-husband and ex-fiance were both in the military and she cheated on them while they were deployed or in training. I’ve personally caught text messages of her in her lies and she was trying to be with other guys when we were together. Her father cheated a lot on her mother, so it runs in the family. Just stay away as she’s nothing but trouble.


Silly question time.

What if the postings on this site aren’t true?

Hey, no problem. According to the morally wretched founder of Cheaterville.com – 90% of the “accused”  respond directly to the post, either denying it, or admitting to it.

Just in case you might think this sleazebag hasn’t though this through, in a recent interview he pointed out – “just like Facebook doesn’t validate anything that is posted on a wall – we don’t validate info.” Sure, you’re in the same league as Facebook – not!

Not one to pass up an opportunity to practice a little vertical integration, the primitive sleazoids behind Cheaterville.com have created an online dating service where cheated partners can seek out other cheated partners. Nice!

Unfortunately, as things stand at the moment, American website operators are protected from lawsuits for publishing defamatory statements posted by third parties. Defamation legislation in other countries is less clear.

Welcome to a morally imploding Gerry Springer world!

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8 responses to ““You’re Cheating Heart, Won’t Tell On You” – But I Might!

  1. Michael Fisher

    Tacky & dangerous. I expect the founder will make a fortune.

    • Hi Michael,

      It makes me cringe to think your comment is correct. But sadly, you’ve called it.

      A real incentive to play by the straight and narrow – maybe. 🙂



  2. Betsy

    Spoken like a true cheater……care to share your past Bill?

    • Hey Betsy,

      OK – I’ve bounced your comment around for a bit – but, it’s still unclear just where you’re coming from.

      The thrust of this article is cyberbullying. I made it clear that I condemn the site in question, since it presents “A perfect opportunity for the cowardly to attempt to destroy someone’s life without accountability, and without meeting a burden of proof .”

      If you’re supportive of the idea that the fight against cyberbullying is a good thing – then, we’re on the same side.

      On the other hand, if you’re suggesting that you support character assassination by innuendo, which it seems you are – then, I’m thankful you’re not a friend, or a neighbor. That support is not “ignorance is bliss”. Instead, it’s an immoral and ethically challenged point of view which, if shared by others, will guarantee that the cretins who developed this website will be financially successful.

      As for sharing my past – if you were a regular reader here, you’d be aware that in the writing of more than 2,400 articles, I have continuously shared my past.


  3. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    I just took a look at that site. It’s a shocker, for sure.
    All a person needs is a picture of the person they don’t like, and they are set to roll. Character assassination really don’t describe it. It should be outlawed.

    • Hey Mal,

      In Western democracies, as you know, the accused has a fundamental right to face the accuser. In other words, the accuser is held accountable for accusations. But, not so here.

      The slime balls behind this site are taking advantage of the fact that the law has yet to catch up with technology. That, coupled with the moral cowardice of those that are inclined to use sites like this, virtually guarantees success.

      Totally agree with you – this site should be outlawed.



  4. kenneth lunkins

    this will cause a lot of personal problems