Clean Up With Click&Clean Firefox and Chrome Extension

imageIf there’s one thing regular readers here seem to agree on it’s – CCleaner is an awesome application. You can count me in the “awesome application” appreciation group. This free system cleaner is still my “go to” application for simple system cleanup.

CCleaner users know, that running this venerable utility can help keep a system clean by emptying the Recycle Bin, Temporary Setup Files, Downloaded Program Files, Temporary Internet Files, Old Chkdsk Files, Temporary Files, Temporary Offline Files, Offline Files, and more.


Generally, I would run CCleaner once a day – if I could remember to do so. I’ve now discovered a “no need to remember” way to launch CCleaner automatically, whenever I close my Browsers – either Firefox, or Chrome.

Click&Clean is a free Firefox and Chrome extension which not only does a major cleanup job on Browser activity in its own right (see fast facts), but the application can be set to launch CCleaner automatically (for a deeper and more secure cleaning), on Browser shut down. Additional external applications (rather than CCleaner), which can be set to run automatically include – Wise Disk Cleaner Free, Computer Janitor, and BleachBit.

Setup is simple and straightforward. From within the options menu, you can choose which external application you wish to run.


For convenience, you can add an extension icon to the Browser’s navigation Toolbar, as illustrated below.



Fast facts:

Delete your browsing history
Clear records from your download history
Remove cookies and Empty cache
Delete temporary files
Remove Flash Local Shared Objects (LSO)
Delete private data when Firefox closes
Automatically close all windows/tabs
Clean up your hard drives and Free up more disk space – including secure file deletion
Launch external applications, like CCleaner, Wise Disk Cleaner etc. on Windows – or Janitor, BleachBit, etc. on Linux

System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Linux, Mac

Download the Firefox version at: Mozilla

Download the Chrome version at: The Chrome Web store

The Chrome version has several additional features not available in the Firefox version.


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7 responses to “Clean Up With Click&Clean Firefox and Chrome Extension

  1. Jose

    Long live CCleaner! Nothing else comes close. Either they’re buggy, or erase more than asked, or are incorporated in a bloatware tune-up suite (I hate those “all-in-one”).
    CCleaner to clean up, Secunia to patch applications, Revo to uninstall properly and let Windows do the rest.
    Keep it simple folks, let the snake oil solutions for the computer iliterate (which, I’m affraid, is most people).

    • Hi Jose,

      I agree with your recos. The number of cleaners I’ve tested over the years which erased “more than asked”, has been an eye opener – a very destructive practice. CCleaner cannot be beaten.



  2. Michael Fisher

    Hi Bill ~ Interesting. I will give it a go

    I’m trying to set it up to work automatically with CCleaner when I exit FireFox. So I’ve set up CCleaner to not need my intervention & I’ve set C&C > Options exactly as per your screenshot. But…

    at the end of THIS page it says this:
    *** Advanced. Next, you can close all tabs (except latest active) and to clear browsing history with a single click, by selecting the additional options “Close all windows/tabs before clearing” and “Do not close the last active tab”. At the completion of configuration, the Click&Clean add-on is ready to run the cleaning process in a single click or when you close Firefox.

    Q1. I read this as meaning I should check the “Do not close the last active tab” box ~ is that correct ? (I don’t think it is )
    Q2. Will this addon obey my “cookies to keep” list in CCleaner ? (a couple have users mentioned that after using the addon they were no longer logged into sites, but I suspect that’s to do with the users…)

    • Hi Michael,

      If you choose the “Do not close the last active tab” box, you then have the option of performing an “in session” clean by clicking the icon in the Navigation Toolbar. But, since this is essentially Firefox’s internal “Clear Recent History” command, the cache is not cleared. Firefox, as you know, must be closed to enable this action. If foresee no need to clean while in session, then leave the box unchecked.

      Click&Clean does not interfere with personalized settings in CCleaner. The comments you refer to, were made by the usual”I didn’t read the instructions” crowd. 🙂



  3. Michael Fisher

    Just tried it linked up on auto with CC & it works perfectly. Marvellous. Cheers Bill !

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