Norman Malware Cleaner –Another Free Tool To Remove Tough Malware

Just like the 14 free specialty malware removal tools I wrote on earlier this year, Norman Malware Cleaner has been designed to identify tough malware infections, including specific malware, and then help you eradicate those infections.

Since this particular application is a stand alone executable, it does not require installation (perfect for a Flash Drive). Since scanning with the most recent definition database is a must, you will need to download a new version of the application on a per use basis.

On execution, you will be presented with the following end user agreement. This may be the shortest end user agreement I’ve ever seen.


Despite the fact that this is a powerful application, setting the options is fairly straightforward.


For the first test, I ran a simple Quick scan as illustrated in the following two screen captures.



This scan completed in less than four minutes, and indicated that no infections were present.


I then changed two critical group policies which duplicated common malware attacks – no access to the Task Manager, and restricted access to Windows Explorer (show hidden files).

As you can see in the following screen shot, Norman Malware Cleaner had no difficulty picking up on, and cleaning, these registry changes on a scan rerun.


A scan results log file is saved to the desktop, as illustrated.


Fast facts:

Detect and Remove malware (viruses, Rootkit’s, FakeAV, worms and more)

Utilize advanced Anti-Rootkit technology

Quarantine module

Scanning and cleaning including Norman patented Norman SandBox technology

Supports Quick- Normal- Full- Custom Scan mode

Command line function for better tailor scanning across several machines (businesses)

Daily signature updates available

Systems requirements: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and Win 7.

Download at: Norman

Registration is required.

Note: This application is for use when you are dealing with a machine you know is infected. It is not a replacement for a real-time AV.

As with most tools in this class, advanced computer knowledge is required. Unless you feel confident in your diagnostic skills, you would be better off avoiding this application.

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8 responses to “Norman Malware Cleaner –Another Free Tool To Remove Tough Malware

  1. Davidf

    Hi Bill, just thought I’d say that Norman doesn’t do too great in some of the tests I’ve read. Just wondered how effective this one is.

    • Hi David,

      Let me answer your question, at least partially, by posting a snippet from a comment I left earlier this week on another tech site –

      “As someone who watches a broad swath of independent testing laboratories, I can assure you – the results of these test go up and down like a toilet seat – often in less than 3 months. It’s important for users to understand that testing captures perceived performance as a “snapshot in time” – nothing more.

      A simple read of any security application market penetration report will show, not a single security application vendor has yet captured a significant share of the market despite (or, perhaps because of), overblown effectiveness claims. It seems that users just don’t buy the BS.”

      Not so long ago – August 2010 – Norman was rated as an A+ AV. In the cyclical fashion common to this industry, I expect that Norman products will, at some point, rise back to that level. At least temporarily – as all of these products seem to do.

      As for this particular application – I wouldn’t rely on it alone (just as I wouldn’t relay on any single specialty application), to remove malware from an infected machine. It’s simple one more specialty application for users to consider adding to their toolbox.


  2. Jose

    It can be just another scan app.
    Otherwise, there are much better soluttions like MBAM, HitmanPro, SAS…
    Some years ago AdAware was one of the best scanners around… today it is a joke; one has to keep tunned.
    Thanks for the article Bill.

    P.S. Could you take a look at NoVirusThanks EXE Radar ?

    • Hi Jose,

      I’ve missed your observant comments man! 🙂 Good to see you.

      Thanks for the tip on EXE Radar. I’ve just emailed NoVirusThanks requesting a license in order to test the app. I’ll let you know the result.



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  4. Jose

    “Thanks for the tip on EXE Radar.”

    Thank you.

    • Hi Jose,

      Got the EXE Radar license from NoVirusThanks this morning. I’ll install in the next few days, test for a week or so, and then post a review.



  5. Jose

    Thanks Bill.
    I’m curious about this app since there are not many whitelisted HIPS around (if any) and it has had high praises at wilders.