Don Gunshot – The Hitman With A Heart e-Blackmail

imageI sometimes wonder if it isn’t a prerequisite that Nigerian scammer wannabes are required to graduate “comedy school”, before they get their scammers license and are set free to practice their newfound skills on the marginally intelligent.

In a new twist on an old theme (the infamous 419 scam), Nigerian scammers have upped the ante in a variant of their usual email scam nonsense – the hitman, “I’m gonna kill you” email. These fear-provoking emails (at least they’re intended to be scary), contain a threat that the recipient will be murdered by – are you ready for this – “Don Gunshot”.

But, Don is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill “I’m gonna blast ya out of your shoes” hitman. No, Don it seems, has a big heart. For a measly $5000, Don will take you off the list of his current projects. Just in case you might think that Don is no gentleman, he’s gone the extra mile and politely signed off on the email, with a kindly – Regard(s). Too funny!

Hitman emails are not a new threat – they’ve  been circulating on the Internet since at least early in 2007. They come; they go, and come and go again.

So it’s hardly surprising to see that Symantec has just identified a new wave of hitman emails currently making the rounds. Although there are many variations of this email, here’s one example:

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Graphic courtesy of Symantec.

On a more serious note:

Don’t act fast as Don suggests. Don’t send $5000. Do contact the Police – this an attempt at extortion.

This scam illustrates the lengths to which these crooks will go to entrap the unwary and gullible. Unfortunately, the description “unwary and gullible”, is easily applied to substantial numbers of Internet users.

As an experienced and cautious Internet user, it’s safe to say that you will not be deceived by this type of clumsy attempt to defraud but, you might be surprised how often reasonably intelligent people are.

So, be kind to your friends, relatives, and associates, particularly those who are new Internet users, and let them know that there is an epidemic of 419 scams on the Internet. In doing so, you help raise the level of protection for all of us.

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10 responses to “Don Gunshot – The Hitman With A Heart e-Blackmail

  1. Hi Bill

    Worth reading all the way through: 419 Eater

    Enjoy !

  2. TRY

    If I ever get a e-mail like this in my inbox, I will ROFL.
    Its not even remotely convincing in any way but I’m afraid some naive people will indeed fall for this gibberish.
    Thanks Sir for yet another eye-opener.

  3. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    Too funny that one! Don Gunshot? How about Martin Machinegun, Peter Pistol, Bob Bazooka lol.
    Yesterday, I got an email from NEW YORK CITY, saying I had been detected speeding sometime in February, and that I must download the attachment and fill out the form, and send it in. Funnily, I have NEVER been to America, and live in the land Down Under.
    These people are a real laugh, honestly.

    • Hey Mal,

      LOL!! You’re in fine form today my friend!!

      I once got a speeding ticket in N.Y. State, back in the ’70s. But, because the Judge had just finished a round of Golf, and had cut his lawn earlier in the day (no kidding, he actually said this in court), he only fined me $20 for doing 72 MPH in a 55 MPH zone on the N.Y. State Thruway. Today, I understand, that’s a fine of $180 – $300, and up to 15 days in jail. I think we need more Judges like my guy! 🙂



  4. Murphy

    Thanks Bill and guys . Good info .
    Best regards !

  5. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    I guarantee if you send me a mere $2,500, Don Gunshot will not target you.

    BTW Don Gunshot is an anagram of “not hung sod”. Clearly it’s time he was.

    Kind regards

    • Hi John,

      You’ve staked out an admirable counter position here – undercut the competition. You might yet have a future as a first class scammer. 🙂

      Nice pickup on the anagram. I gotta pay more attention.