Auslogics Internet Optimizer – Seriously NOT Ready For Prime Time

imageWhile not first amongst the “snake oil” applications available for download – Internet optimizers do hold a prominent place. Still, when I heard that Auslogics had recently released its version of an Internet optimizer, I thought I’d take it for a test drive.

After all (my logic went), I’m a fan of Auslogics which has a reputation for high quality applications – many of which are free – so, maybe this Internet optimizer actually works. Besides, what actually harm could it do.

As it turned out, it didn’t take very long to see the harm it could do.

The installation begins with the usual offer to install the convenient (NOT!) Ask Toolbar.


First, I took advantage of the application’s offer to test my current connection speed…


which outputted the following.


Next, I scanned for suggested improvements. Scanning for optimized settings produces a comprehensive report which suggests settings you should consider changing. For this test, I accepted all of the recommended new parameters. 


Accepting the recommendations is one click simple.


Following a reboot, I retested my connection speed – which produced the following report. You’ll notice a marginal decrease in connection speed. In a real sense however, the difference is meaningless. Except as an indication, that despite the application’s promise, it simply didn’t meet my expectations.

That’s fair enough – this application is hardly the first I’ve tested that under delivered.


In the following screen capture you’ll notice the application includes a built-in Rescue Center. I should point out though, that I never install an application without creating a restore point first. You’ll see shortly, why this is necessary.


Following a restart of Firefox, I was shocked to discover that the application had reset the browser to its default settings. Some of which, in my view, are unsafe. And, effectively wiping out all of my personal customizations – which were considerable.

The following screen shot captures the new home page.


Worse, the application had caused the reinstallation of ALL of my Firefox add-ons and reset ALL of the add-ons back to the default settings. I’ll repeat – some of which, in my view, are unsafe.

Totally unacceptable!!! The following screen capture shows the open connections to a number of the add-ons home pages.


As I noted earlier, thankfully the application provides a recovery feature as indicated by the following graphic.


The backup did, in fact, work flawlessly, but…..

Closing points:

This test was not a one shot deal. I reinstalled and retested this application four times and the results, as reported here, were more or less, identical.

Following the test, I read a number of reviews of this application elsewhere, and it was more than evident, that despite the strong recommendations in these pseudo reviews, the reviewers had not actually tested the application. Shame on them!

Curiously (or maybe not so curious), Auslogics does not provide a download link on their web site for this application. That’s a bloody good move in my estimation. This application should suffer a quick death.

Regular readers will know, that I generally do not post on applications that don’t meet what I consider to be reasonable standards. But, this application (despite its recovery feature), has the potential to seriously screw up a typical user’s browser – and so the posted review.

It’s not often that an application being tested will annoy me (consternation is part of the testing game) – but, this one seriously pissed me off.

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10 responses to “Auslogics Internet Optimizer – Seriously NOT Ready For Prime Time

  1. Hi Bill ~ Thank you for the warning

    I’ve read that it’s on the Auslogics site, but only as an element in the Auslogics BoostSpeed® 5 suite. Maybe it got broken when it was split off ?

    • Hi Michael,

      From my review of Auslogics BoostSpeed 5, the suite (which costs $50), in March 2011.- “BoostSpeed’s built-in Internet Optimizer did work – at least marginally. I suspect that a typical user might see a more robust difference than I did, since my connection was already heavily tweaked.”

      The stand alone version is not however, available on the Auslogics site. Interestingly, I did not experience any problems when I tested this program inside the suite. So yes, it appears to be “broken” in the stand alone version.



  2. Murphy

    Very interesting article . Thank you .
    Best regards !

    PS. Shared on FB 🙂

  3. simon

    Hi I liked review,I also tried it out.My speed increases were actually bit less than before,but I’m pretty sure I have my connection maxxed out anyway.I’m assuming with the nature of this job testing software that this isn’t the first time you have changed settings to speed up internet,what I’m saying is that the average user which hasn’t might see a significant improvement in speed.I’m assuming of course your OS installation is not fresh on.
    I ended up using the manual parameters which I thought were plentiful,can’t see why you’d need any more.I think if you’re into tinkering and know a bit about the settings,it’s ok.But the stuff it did to firefox without apparent warning wasn’t good at all in my opinion.I think it does say somewhere that it can make your connection speed slower under certain circumstances using auto.
    I think versis full speed is the best i’ve ever used but need to pay about fiver to get full boost,but worthit i think is really noticable.
    BTW don’t work for either of these companies(or any for that matter)

    • Hey Simon,

      You make some good points.

      Factually though, both Vista and Win 7, do an excellent job of maximizing connection speed. Accelerators are a bit like Registry cleaners – they exaggerate, and are quite misleading.

      The only sure way to increase Internet speed is upgrading to a faster package.


  4. Keith Barnett

    Try “BP Internet optimizer” It seems to work pretty good.I’ve gotten a bit more speed out of it and I can use all the help I can get with DSL.

  5. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    I’m worried that Auslogics would put this out. Usually top rate programs from them. Anyhow, I do my own tweaking without these kinds of apps.

    • Hey Mal,

      Surprised me to no end as well. As you say – they put out top rate programs.

      Unfortunately it’s the nature of Accelerators to screw up. I’ve tested only a few that haven’t – but, even so, I’ve not found even one that worked all that well.