Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – June 29, 2011

Office 365 vs. Google Docs Showdown: Feature by Feature – With Tuesday’s launch of Office 365, Microsoft is ready to go head-to-head with Google on its own turf. How do the Web-based Microsoft tools stack up against Google’s?

Eight Tips for Creating Bulletproof Passwords – Strong passwords are an important way to protect your corporate and private data from theft – and to avoid joining the more than nine million Americans victimized by identity theft each year.

Users Clueless About Malware, Careless About Security Measures: Survey – A pair of surveys focusing on end-users found some worrying patterns and misconceptions about Internet safety and poor security practices.

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Google takes down 93,000 scam ads – Google has revealed that it took down more than 93,000 ads linking to scam sites from July to December last year, in response to requests from U.K. consumer protection authorities.

Google Guns for Facebook with Google+ Social Network – Google is trying its hand again at social networking, introducing on Tuesday a service called Google+. Currently available only to a small group of testers, its aim is to enable sharing between small groups of people. Google+ appears to be the rumored Google Circles social networking service that was the buzz of the South by Southwest Conference back in March.

Security vendor applauds LulzSec attacks – In an unexpected move for a security company, SecurEnvoy today said that cyber break-ins and advanced malware incidents, such as the recent DDoS attack by LulzSec, should actually be welcomed and their initiators applauded.

Thousands of Tumblr accounts compromised – Tumblr users have been targeted with an aggressive phishing campaign in the last week or so and are still being lured into entering their login credentials for access to adult content. And it seems that the scheme is working very well – GFI researchers have accessed one of the dropzones for the stolen credentials and have discovered a massive amount of data.

Hackers publish stolen PayPal login credentials – LulzSec has been assimilated back into Anonymous, but their AntiSec campaign keeps going. It seems that their final wish has been granted for now, and other hacking groups continued the work they have started.

(Not so) Crazy Microsoft Rumors: Windows 8 to RTM in April 2012 – It’s (not so) crazy Microsoft rumors time again. Today’s single-sourced — but trusted — tip claims that Windows 8 will RTM in April 2012.

Company News:

Alcatel Leaps Ahead With 400-gigabit Routing Chip – Alcatel-Lucent is charting a course to the next generation of carrier routers with new silicon that is focused today on delivering services from the edge of a network but could also power a massive packet engine for the core.

Encrypted voice calling for the iPhone – Cellcrypt Mobile for iPhone provides voice call encryption for commercially available off-the-shelf cell phones using government-certified security through an easy-to-use downloadable application that makes highly secure calling as easy as making a normal phone call.

John The Ripper Expedites Password Auditing – Chances are that if you’ve tested password security in the last decade, you have heard of John the Ripper. John the Ripper is an open source password cracker that is used by security researchers to help audit, crack and test password security.

Google: 500,000 Android devices activated each day – More than 500,000 Android devices are activated each day worldwide, Google Android chief Andy Rubin said.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Hot Gadgets: Summer Guide 2011 – From an extra-rugged smartphone to the perfect grilling fork, these 10 high-tech toys are ideal for summer.

D-Day and the battle for Normandy (photos) – In June, 1944, American, British, and Canadian forces invaded France. CNET takes in the incredible history.

Anti-Virus Pioneer Evgeny Kaspersky: ‘I Fear the Net Will Soon Become a War Zone’ – Kaspersky Lab founder says his computer was almost infected twice recently, once via a flash card and another, due to an infected website in a hotel.

US Inequality Quiz – Twenty-two questions. Here’s one of the shorter ones. “True or False: The US has higher social mobility than the Scandinavian countries.” Answers with a little help from Paul Krugman, Arianna Huffington, Ha-Joon Chang.

Where It All Began: The 10 Original Software Companies – You know about IBM, but do you know the rest?

Today’s Quote:

Ninety-eight percent of the adults in this country are decent, hard-working, honest Americans. It’s the other lousy two percent that get all the publicity. But then – we elected them.”

–    Lily Tomlin

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  1. Dave B

    In RE: Anti-Virus Pioneer Evgeny Kaspersky: ‘I Fear the Net Will Soon Become a War Zone’

    SOON become? I think we’re pretty much there.