Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – June 28, 2011

Rootkit Infection Requires Windows Reinstall, Says Microsoft – Microsoft is telling Windows users that they’ll have to reinstall the operating system if they get infected with a new rootkit that hides in the machine’s boot sector.

Lifehacker: Memory Restart Tells You When Firefox’s Memory Usage Gets Too High (and Restarts It For You) – Firefox still has trouble managing memory sometimes, and if you open a lot of tabs or leave it open for a long time, it can slow down to a crawl. Despite this issue, many people still use Firefox for its other advantages. If that’s you, you can at least keep a lid on slowdowns with Memory Restart. Memory Restart display’s Firefox’s memory usage in the add-on bar, and gives you the option to automatically restart Firefox when that usage gets past your comfortable level.

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How to Fix a Windows Infection Using Linux – If you use Linux on your company’s desktop or server computers, you’re already familiar with many of the security advantages the open source operating system offers over its Windows and Mac rivals. What many people don’t realize, however, is that Linux can also be used to rescue a computer that has been crippled by malware.

Supreme Court Strikes Down California’s Violent Video Game Law – The Supreme Court on Monday struck down a controversial California law that banned the sale of violent video games to minors.

Has the Mozilla Foundation lost its collective mind? – After a long downward trend in quality for the Firefox browser, the Mozilla Foundation has decided to add insult to injury by eliminating the ability to at least stick with an older version until extensions are updated to the newest — and to do so after only three months of release status for version 4.

Malvertising: Adverts that bite – Malvertising is insidious. Follow all the rules and still get caught. Is there anything we can do?

10 iPad Security Facts You Can’t Afford to Ignore – How secure is the iPad? It’s got the edge on Android and Windows tablets, but these top 10 facts will help you understand the security risks iPads face.

Anonymous Picks up Slack as LulzSec Calls it Quits – Fifty days of hacking ends with a final data dump, but Lulzsec urges the world to watch Anonymous in action next.

Security is Broken – If the events of the last few months have served any purpose, it’s to illustrate once again that security is broken. This isn’t a new sentiment and few of the problems plaguing users and enterprises today are new, either. In this video, longtime security consultant and writer Rik Farrow outlines the missteps that got us into this situation and what can be done to alleviate it. Oh, and this talk was created in 2006.

Company News:

Microsoft convinces another Android vendor to sign a patent protection deal – Microsoft has added another Android backer to the list of those signing with Redmond for patent protection: General Dynamics.

GSV Capital Corp fund values Facebook at $70 billion – Investment group GSV Capital Corp. has picked up a significant number of shares in Facebook, but its valuation of the social networking site has garnered more buzz.

Pogoplug Puts a NAS in your PC – Cloud Engine’s latest Pogoplug software can turn your PC or MAC into a NAS device of sorts. It’s a user-friendly storage solution and very inexpensive way to share and stream files across your home network or remotely.

Google gets most requests for user data from U.S. – The search giant received 14,201 requests from 25 countries for private user information in the second half of 2010. The U.S. accounted for 32 percent of all requests.

Sony Joins the Music Cloud – Sony has joined the busy, cloud-based music market with Music Unlimited (powered by Qriocity). The service has a substantial 7-million song library from the big four labels, competitively priced monthly plans, and plenty of ways to listen.

Off Topic (Sort of):

10 Things You Shouldn’t Be Able to Buy Online – Are you in the market for human urine? How about some snake venom? Some of the stuff available online–and perfectly legal to buy in much of the United States–will give even the most brazen Web surfers the willies.

Four common misconceptions about employee rights – People often confuse “unfair” with “unlawful” in the working world. If an employer does something you think is a terrible practice, it doesn’t necessarily make it illegal. Here are some common misconceptions about employee rights.

Protect your computer and phone from illegal police searches – Can police officers enter your home to search your laptop? Do you have to give law enforcement officials your encryption keys or passwords? If you are pulled over when driving, can the officer search your cell phone? The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has answers to these questions in their new “Know Your Digital Rights” guide, including easy-to-understand tips on interacting with police officers and other law enforcement officials.

Apps and accessories that let you ditch your remote control – Several companies are scheming of ways to turn your smartphone into a smart remote for your television.

Your Cable Box Is An Extreme Energy Hog – Worried about high utility bills? Your cable or satellite box may be to blame. And if your box is a digital video recorder, that’s even worse.

Today’s Quote:

There is no truth. There is only perception.”

–    Gustave Flaubert

Today’s Free Downloads:

3DMark Basic – As a free tool that can gauge the worthiness of your graphics card, 3DMark Basic does the job and takes little time or effort to run–and it might point out, as it did for me, an easily correctable oversight that was hindering performance.

RogueKiller – RogueKiller is a tool written in C, which scans the processes running, and kill those who are malicious. Author developed this tool after seeing that some rogues blocked the execution of disinfection programs, and some programs (eg Rkill) appeared ineffective in killing the rogue process.

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