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Carrying computer files with you while you’re on the go is a breeze – USB devices, for example, are perfect for the job. File portability doesn’t stop there though. With a little planning, you can access your files through a Cloud based storage solution – SkyDrive, DropBox, Box.net – readily come to mind.

Here’s the kicker though – both of the above require that you plan ahead so that the required files are stored either on the USB device, or resident in the Cloud. Despite this plan ahead strategy, you may still run into one of those “uh, oh” moments. Robert Burns hit the nail on the head when he wrote (pardon the misquote) – “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray”.

If the file/s you need – then and there – are not on your USB device, or stored on a Cloud server, you’re probably looking at one of those “uh, oh” moments. Luckily, there are solutions to those almost inevitable – what am I going to do now times – that we’ve all experienced.

FlashToMyPC, developed by the folks at GigaTribe, which utilizes a good deal of the latter product’s technology, is a USB application which will allow you to access your entire hard drive from any Internet connected computer.

Here’s the lowdown:


Graphic courtesy of FlashToMyPC. Click on graphic to expand to original size.

Step by Step installation

Select the USB device to which you will install the application.


Once I had installed the application I took a quick look, using Windows Explorer, to ensure the executable installed correctly. Click on graphic to expand to original size.


Launching the executable (from the USB device), will bring up the following screen so that the second part of the install can be completed ……


the installation of FlashToMyPC on the selected machine.


Setup continues with the usual user name and password input requirements.


That’s it!


From now on, just insert your Flash drive into an Internet connected machine to access your own Hard Drive.

For the security conscious user (and, who isn’t theses days), the developer has built-in a number of hardcore security features, including

Only your USB Flash Drive can access your computer.

Your Flash drive is identified via a unique combination of hardware ID, software ID, username and password.

All data exchanged between your flash drive and your computer is encrypted (AES 256).

Transferred files are downloaded directly onto your USB Flash Drive, leaving no trace on the computer.

After 3 failed password attempts, your computer access is suspended for 24 hours.

If you’ve lost your USB flash drive, you can delete your computer’s access to it.

Deleting a Flash drive’s access link is easy.


System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7. According to the developer a Mac version

FlashToMyPC is not freeware but, you can download a 30 day free trial at the developer’s site. You may continue past the trial date, at an annual fee of $9.95 USD.

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6 responses to “FlashToMyPC – Access Your PC Remotely

  1. hipockets

    “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley……”

    …..story of my life . . . . “>)

    Great article! Thanks!

  2. John

    Hi Bill,
    I’m back, well at least for 10 more days until I head out again.
    I have tried my darndest to keep up with all your articles but have now had to just be happy with catching up when I get back home :-(.

    Flash to my PC looks like a very useful thing to be able to use and I sure could have used it last month while away. The amount of networking with other people that seems to be going on all the time where I am at the moment and future job prospects etc seem to be endless and I sure would have liked to have been able to access my CV a few times, but then again I should have at least taken a USB stick with it on anyway, I had no idea.


    • Hey John,

      Good to see you back! Great to hear you’re getting a real world view of networking – that will keep you hopping!

      Take those 10 days and relax and do a deep chill – you’ll be glad you did when you hit the road again. 🙂



  3. Thanks for this article, Bill. FlashToMyPC seems like a very unique tool that can come in handy when you’re on the road. Do you know if this works with accessing your company’s server remotely or will it only allow you to retrieve files from your personal hard drive? I typically use LogMeIn for work documents, but if that were ever to fail me, it would be nice to have a back-up option.

    • Hi Alexandra,

      While I haven’t tested this on a server, as I understand it – it works on any machine that faces the Internet.

      I’m with you, redundancy is important.