NEW – Nitro PDF Reader Version 2 Launched Today

imageFollowing a year long beta testing period, Nitro PDF Reader Version 2, has hit the bricks with it’s official launching today. As an indication of just how popular this application is – during the beta test period, it was downloaded an astonishing 8 million times.

With its ability to not only view and review PDF files, but create PDF files as well, it’s little wonder Nitro PDF Reader has amassed such a large following. I have to say that Nitro PDF Reader is my favorite PDF tool so, I’m more than a little enthusiastic to get on the go with this latest release.

Version 2 continues the strong tradition which Nitro has established with previous version – it’s fast, lightweight, and incorporates customizable security controls, including the option to completely disable JavaScript – no small consideration for security conscious users.

Sample screens – Click on any screen shot to expand to original size.

Standard screen


Fill in form




Fast facts:

Nitro PDF Reader 2.0 includes the following features and enhancements:

Web Browser Integration preview PDF files from within Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Internet Explorer

Nitro PDF Creator 2 all-new PDF creation engine enables users to create PDF files up to 4 times faster, with 50% reduction in file size

Optimized Rendering Engine draw and display PDF files on-screen faster with crisp rendering of text and graphics

QuickSign import a scanned image of your handwritten signature to sign and return documents electronically in just seconds

Optional Content Group (OCG) Layers show and hide content layers within PDF files with support for printing layer views and scripting OCG interaction in form controls

XFA Form Support fill-in and save static XML Form Architecture (XFA) forms

Hundreds more significant enhancements updated Ribbon UI, workflow refinements, improved performance, and more

If you really want to be impressed with just how much capability is built into this application, then visit the developer’s feature page.

System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 (32 bit  and 64 bit, Vista and Win 7).

Available languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Download at: Nitro PDF Reader

If you’re tired of working with that malware magnet, Adobe Reader – I think you’ll find that PDF Reader 2.0 is the substitute you’ve been searching for. On top of that – how do you beat FREE!

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9 responses to “NEW – Nitro PDF Reader Version 2 Launched Today

  1. Michael Fisher

    Hi Bill – perfect timing. I was considering Foxit because it launches very quickly, works inside Firefox, handles OpenOffice well & it spell checks in forms (though I’m not sure if there’s an EN-GB version]

    The disable JavaScript option is a big plus so I’ll give Nitro 64-bit a try & see if it’s a fast enough launch. I had a look at the forums & there’s some concern about freezing when ‘printing’ with certain document/app types, but maybe that’s a user thing

    What’s your view on OpenCandy ? It looks harmless enough although I’m concerned that it takes a look at what’s on the user system & reports back to HQ. Anyway I think I can disable it…

  2. Michael Fisher

    Will do Bill

  3. It is rally awesome. Nitro PDF Reader is the one of the best pdf reader in market. I am quite excited about what new features are added in it’s new version.

  4. g

    Thanks for the heads up Bill.

    At work, I use Adobe but at home, I have been using Foxit.
    I just downloaded the new Nitro on your advice and as usual, your advice is spot on.
    I can now say I just switched my default from Foxit to Nitro.

    Before, my beef with Nitro was slow rendering and slow startup. The rendering is not only faster, but the quality is better than Foxit. The startup time is a fraction slower than Foxit (I ran it through it’s paces with some big architectural blueprint plans). The rendering time is way faster which totally makes up for the fractionally slower startup time.

    Nitro did good here.

    • Hey G,

      Happy to hear you made the switch. Interesting you experienced the same as I did. Definitely noticed a major difference in quality.

      Now, you just have to get the guys at the office to make the switch over. 🙂



  5. David

    Bill – Thanks for the tip on Nitro – the other guys have made comments with which I wholeheartedly agree.