Online PC Care Tells Me–“Remove Onlinepccare Scam From Your Website”

imageThe funny think about the “truth” is – it’s a variable. There are countless versions of the truth (unfortunately), including – “your truth”“my truth” –  and, “the truth”. It seems Online PC Care is questioning “my truth”, and is disputing the contents of an article I wrote earlier this year – Is Online PC Care A Scam? – outlining my highly unsatisfactory personal experience with one of its cold call sales representatives.

In an email (full contents below), Online PC Care states – “the scam posted in your website is seriously hampering our image”.  Now, before I go any further into this, let me say – Yes!! I’m absolutely delighted to hear it!

Online PC Care’s email:


It has come to our notice that your website is publishing illegitimate scams against us. This is resulting in a very bad reputation of our company. The concerned person or party who has posted this has no substantial proof in his/her claim. So this is causing a negative effect in the minds of the persons who are visiting your website.

First off let me inform you that our company has a very good reputation in the market, there are lots of satisfied customers who has recommended us to their friends and relatives. In our website, we have numerous testimonials from people all over the world.

In such a case, the scam posted in your website is seriously hampering our image. I suggest that you review our website thoroughly, study the way we operate, and then come to the conclusion whether the scam posted is a legitimate one.

So it is a request on our part to remove the scam, as it is appearing totally ill. It’s a good initiative you have taken to reveal the scams, but when the allegations are made against the company who is so well reputed in the market and very honest in their services, then it becomes troublesome for us to bear it. We are waiting for your reply soon in this matter.

Yours Faithfully,
Amit Roy
Onlinepccare Team

Response breakdown:

The concerned person or party who has posted this has no substantial proof in his/her claim.

The article is a virtual blow-by-blow description of a cold sales call from a Online PC Care representative, who lied throughout the conversation regarding fictitious issues affecting my PC – “the overall presentation was structured in such a way, as to attempt to fraudulently convince me I had serious computer problems, including a non-existing malware infection.”

In fact, the conversation referred to in the article, was the second such conversation I had with an Online PC Care representative in that particular week. I choose to report on the second call only, in order to give your company the benefit of the doubt – such as it was.

First off let me inform you that our company has a very good reputation in the market, there are lots of satisfied customers……

You need to step back for a moment and take a reality break. The reality is – your company’s reputation sucks – big time! It behooves you to do a simple Google search using the keywords “Online PC Care”. I’m sure you’ll not be surprised to see that “Scam”, is the keyword most often associated with your organization.

The following screen capture attachment will save you the effort. You’ll notice in the Google search returns, that the Microsoft Answers site addresses the issue as to whether your company is involved in scamming.

Question – What information could “online pc care” a India cold call extract from my computer? They said they were Microsoft, I allowed them remotely into my computer, to fix a so called problem.

Answer – As you’ve realized – it was a scam!. You now need to notify your bank, and anyone who you’ve had dealings with over the internet, shut down your PC, and do a reformat/reinstall – there is no telling what the scammer has installed on your PC without your knowledge.

I feel a certain sense of accomplishment in seeing that my article is included on the first page. It seems “my truth” has validity. BTW, I’m curious to know if you’ve requested that Microsoft take down this inflammatory reference to your company. If not, then why not?

Google search inquiry – first page.


Let’s not stop there though. If you’re curious as to what your reputation is, as determined by the WOT (Web of Trust) online community, then you’ll be interested in the attached WOT reputation rating screen shot.

It couldn’t get much worse – could it?


FYI, I’ve included in this response a few (a very few), article references which investigate Pecon Software (your umbrella company).

The Guardian newspaper – Police crack down on computer support phone scam: An article which reports that Indian authorities shut down 19 websites following complaints from the UK and elsewhere. Here’s an excerpt –

Among those shut was, registered to Pecon Software, a firm based in Kolkata. The company has now opened another support website, called, which is the subject of numerous online complaints about cold calling, “bullying”, and claims that the caller is from Windows PC care.

The Guardian newspaper: PC virus’ phone scam: supportonclick company insists it is innocent. Here’s an excerpt –

After being told to download a program that handed over remote control of their computer so the caller could install “fixes”, the PC users were told of the £185 charge for subscription to “the preventative service”. But the “fixed” computers never had any problems, and the value of the service was dubious.

Unfortunately, typical computer users pay little attention to warnings, and alerts designed to warn then against sophisticated scams. On top of which, consumers are easily manipulated, by well trained and persistent cold callers (but you know that), into ignoring safety precautions.

I’m glad to have received your take-down request, since it provides me with another opportunity to shine a light on the dark spaces in which parasitic organizations, such as yours, thrive.

Just to be clear – the ship has sailed, and I have no intention of retracting anything I’ve written regarding Online PC Care, or honoring your request for a take-down.

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19 responses to “Online PC Care Tells Me–“Remove Onlinepccare Scam From Your Website”

  1. Bob Slyker

    Hey Bill,

    “Sunlight is the best disinfectant” – U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

    “Most impressive. Obi-Wan has taught you well.” – Darth Vader



    • Hi Bob,

      Hard to argue with Brandeis on this – or elsewhere, for that matter. Sunlight surely does disinfect.



    • Amanda

      I was cold called by the company and having only enough computer knowledge to be dangerous, I signed up. I must say they have been a great help to me with a variety of computer issues. They even cleaned up my mom’s second hand computer for me even though I am in the US and she is in the UK and helped her set up her webcam and skype (all at no extra charge). I don’t have any real computer literate friends so they have been a lifesaver for me on several occasions.


  2. Hey Bill,

    Love to see there sweating faces after reading this lolz,they must be feeling bored enuff to start another website like they did onlinepccare but I know the fact that there are many other companies running nearby giving tech support with fake names and service as you stated above this one being Microsoft


    • Hey Neeraj,

      India’s tech scene is highly regarded worldwide, and in many cases staffed by unparallelled professionals. And then, we have the morons like these guys who threaten everyone’s reputation. Very sad.



      • Hey Bill,

        Well said even I have worked for so many companies in tech support and seen after sometime many people think and start their own tech support even they dont know how to fix problems properly,as if now even after 5 years of experience I dont feel so at this point of time neither have time but may be in future will start still I am not sure but not of this kind ,making outbond calls and fooling people and I never worked and heard of this kinda tech support making outbond calls,that is why I also feel sad people like them threatening reputation of my country


  3. Well said, Bill. These people prey on the fears of others. There are some people who just want their PC to work without them knowing much about it, much like most people don’t want to know how their cars or washers work.

    But companies like Online PC Care don’t wait until something is broken to rip people off. They do it when there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the PC, only the problems they have deliberately caused.

    It’s because of people like you Bill, drawing attention to scams like this, that more people aren’t getting ‘taken’ for vasts sums of money. Thank you. 🙂


    • Hi Paul,

      You’re dead on. Why it should it be necessary to practically have a degree in computer science in order to maximize one’s computing experience, is beyond me. I have a particular loathing for the creeps who run scam operations like these people.

      Always good to hear from you.



  4. Dave B

    That is too funny Bill, thanks for sharing, gave me a good chuckle on a mundane Monday.
    Just reading their email was amusing, very similare to the average poorly worded/translated 419 or phishing email, nice to know your adding to their poor reputation 🙂

    • Hey Dave,

      Yeah, these guys have brass balls alright. And along with that, as you point out, atrocious communication skills. I spilled my coffee reading their email – I laughed so hard.



  5. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    An excellent response to these idiots. I wish they would ring me, I really do, I would have so much fun with them. But, seriously, the sad fact is people get sucked into this crap.

  6. Hi, just came across your post – I posted something on my forum about this company and had exactly the same email as you as well as a few threatening follow ups. Just wanted to let you know you’re not alone!

    • Hi Louise,

      It’s quite astonishing that these lowlifes go on the attack when challenged.

      I’ve outed more than one of this type of company in the past, and I’ve been threatened on many occasions. So, I’m not intimidated in the least.

      Good to get your input. Thanks.


  7. Keith Greenhalgh

    Wife just got a call from someone claiming to be a Microsoft support tech….wanted to take remote control of the computer etc…..

    The individual had an indian accent, and indicated that there were problems with her computer.

    She promptly told the individual that she was not interested and hung up.

    Guess they are still trying…. or others with similar marketting morals are…

    Just saddens me that there are a great deal of elderly people out there that may fall for this (no slight intended towards the elderly).

    Pls keep up the good work and hopefully the information of these types of business will get to the general public and they will be forwarned.

    P.S. – I live in Canada, so perhaps they are moving to new markets as their others dwindle.

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