Tile Tabs 4.9 – Firefox Tabbed Horizontally, Vertically Or In A Grid

This past week, I’ve reviewed Dexpot – an application which, in the freeware version, will allow you to work with up to twenty separate and distinct virtual Desktops, as well as Slickscreen – an Internet Browser which takes advantage of high resolution displays by dividing the screen into separate windows.

In keeping with this theme, regular reader Michael Fisher recently introduced me to Tile Tabs, a very cool Firefox browser add-on which gives a user the ability to arrange tabs in a tile format – horizontally, vertically or in a grid. Additional tile control features include – re-sizing by dragging splitter bars – dragging links from one tile to another  to open in the selected tile (I found this feature very useful).

Following installation, you’ll notice a new menu has been added to the Firefox Menu Bar.


Additionally, you have the option of  adding a Tile Tabs button to the Toolbar by right-clicking the Toolbar and choosing “Customize”.


More important, at least from my perspective (as a context menu fanatic), are the new commands added to the “right click” context menu.


Setting your specific preferences is easy using the options menu – available through the Add-ons Manager.


The focused tab (currently selected tile), is bracketed by a colored border. The border color is selectable.

Tile Tabs Options

Here’s a view of Tile Tabs in action showing four opened tabs.

Click on graphic to expand to original.


System requirements: Firefox 3.6 – 6.

Download at: Mozilla

You might not need this add-on every time you surf the Net. Still, just having it available for those times when it could come in handy, seems like a smart move.

I must admit, I’ve found it very useful, these last few nights, as I watched the Stanley Cup Finals hockey games (streaming live), in a tiled tab – as I continued with my regular work on the Net. Thank you Michael!

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3 responses to “Tile Tabs 4.9 – Firefox Tabbed Horizontally, Vertically Or In A Grid

  1. Michael Fisher

    It’s a pleasure Bill

    BTW I adore Slap Shot with Paul Newman & those crazy brothers. It’s the perfect three-cans-of-beer-and-a-bag-of-nuts film – the nearest I’ve got to the game in the ice hockey-starved UK

    Keep up the good work – it’s much appreciated

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