Free Dexpot – Virtual Desktops To The Max!

Dexpot (latest release May 29, 2011), is a very cool application which, in the freeware version, will allow you to work with up to twenty separate and distinct virtual Desktops. For example, you could be working with your Internet browser on one Desktop, word processor on another, gaming on another …….. The possibilities are endless, really.

Personally, I find the ability to be able to copy and paste between Desktops, a major productivity enhancer.

Since many of the graphics in this review are Desktop screen shots, and quite large, it’s necessary to click on these graphics in order to view the full effect.

The application is highly configurable  as the following two screen shots indicate.


Each desktop can be configured independently to suit specific needs – including resolution, sounds, icons, background, and more – as the following screen grab indicates.


All controls are easily reachable from the Windows notification icon.


By clicking on the following screen capture to expand to its original 1682 pixels, you can readily see that there are four Desktops open. The focus is currently on Desktop two, where Internet Explore is running.


Using the application’s Windows catalogue command, in the following screen capture I’ve illustrated what’s open on Desktop One.


Desktop Two.


Desktop Three.


When you’re ready to close up shop – you’ll have the option of closing open applications, or moving them to the main Desktop.


Fast facts:

Desktop Manager – Your small companion for presentations and every-day desktop switching.

Settings – A clean dashboard which offers everything you need for total control.

Window catalogue – Have you ever seen windows tiling? No? Well, it is about time then.

Configure desktops – It is hard to believe how independent virtual desktops can be.

Desktop Windows – How can one describe such functional glory in three lines?

Desktop Preview – In case you want to know what is up on other desktops.

Full-screen preview – Microsoft XP Powertoy, just more beautiful, simple, and better. Full-size.

Desktop Rules – This small but powerful component helps to distribute windows.

System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7. (64-bit compatible)

Download at: Developer’s site (Dexpot)

Dexpot to go – Dexpot portable: Download Dexpot portable if you want to use Dexpot on a mobile storage device (e.g. USB stick). If you need to make your current version of Dexpot portable, click here.

Note: For private use only.

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7 responses to “Free Dexpot – Virtual Desktops To The Max!

  1. TRY

    Thanks Sir,
    Dexpot does looks very interesting and intriguing.For now I’m using Orcale’s Virtual Box which is quite good but not as comfortable as VMware Workstation.


    • Hey TRY,

      For heavy users, this should prove to be beneficial. But, this is not a virtual system like Virtual Box, or VMware Workstation.



  2. Michael Fisher

    Greeeeeat ! I will give this a test drive when I’ve got to grips with my Win7 in a week or two

    I’ve had a look at the Dexpot site & I noticed these interesting plugins bundled with Dexpot & I particularly like Dexcube which offers 3D transition effects such as ‘Cube’, ‘Breakfast plate’, ‘Wall’ & ‘Filmstrip’. Have you tried ‘Cube’ Bill & can the cube be rolled by say dragging the mouse ? (I see it can be done using various keyboard combinations, but I don’t like having to use 3 keys at once)

    Thanks for another quality post

    • Hi Michael,

      The only plugin I’m using is – SevenDex which allows integration into the Win 7 Taskbar. A very helpful assist.

      As for Dexcube – it seems to me as it’s been around forever. But, I’m not a fan of animated desktop, so I’ve always passed on this type of thing.

      When you’ve fired up that new speed demon, I think you’ll find this app pretty helpful.



  3. Ramblinrick


    Very nice review on Dexpot.

    Dexpot is in the Top Ten FREE software installs on my PC. It completely adds another dimension to your computer experience that takes multi-tasking to another level.


    • Hi Rick,

      Definitely multi-tasking to the max with this app. Saves me a ton of time being able to bounce back and forth.

      Free software has come a long way from back in the day, huh?


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