Free SlimCleaner Final – Optimizer, Uninstaller, Shredder and Anti- Hijacker Built In

imageAs regular readers here know, I’m a BIG fan of community based applications – applications in which combined user experiences are used to drive the functionality of an application. What could be better, and more useful, than to use the experiences of the very people who use the product? If there’s a better way for companies to “listen” to the customer, I’ve yet to hear it.

Last year, I reviewed a series of impressive products (including SlimCleaner Beta) from SlimWare Utilities, a U.S.-based software company which states that its mission is to provide crowd-sourced applications that “will revolutionize the performance of personal computers.”

Having experienced the value of the company’s first three crowd-sourced applications, I’d have to agree – this developer is on the right track.

As of yesterday, SlimCleaner’s final release became available for download and, I think you’ll find this application worthy of your consideration as an addition to your system utility toolbox.

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For illustrative purposes, I’ve selected only the Windows clean function. But notice, the application offers additional cleaning capabilities – including Applications and Browsers.


The optimization function allows access to startup entries and most importantly, system services. Optimizing services can often improve system response time.


The built-in application uninstaller essential duplicates the “add/remove” applet in Windows. Still, having access to this function in an all-in-one application like SlimCleaner, is a helpful addition.


I’m partial to file shredders so I’m happy to see one included here. I’m impressed with the choice of selectable shred levels.


If system security is high on your list, then you’ll be pleased to see SlimCleaner added a “Hijack Log” function which includes the ability to query selectable entries through a cloud based AV (Virus Total).


I tested this feature and the results, returned in just a few seconds, indicated the selected startup entry was clean.


Application settings are uncomplicated, and very easy to understand. You’ll notice in the following screen capture that you will be given the opportunity to install the program to a USB key.


Freeware applications often fall short in providing comprehensive help. SlimCleaner’s help setup on the other hand, is quite extensive – as the following screen capture indicates.


Finally, the most common Windows tools are easily accessible through the applications GUI. Notice both a CPU and a RAM usage meter in the following graphic. Theses meters are viewable in all GUI Views.


Fast facts:

Optimizer – Disable non-essential background process and services to make your computer run faster. SlimCleaner uses up-to-date cloud data to customize settings for optimal performance.

Uninstaller – Unlike the Windows uninstaller, SlimCleaner’s uninstaller helps you make an informed decision. When it lists the programs on your computer, you instantly get ratings and user feedback, telling you what the web community thinks of each application – whether it’s good, optional, or just a waste of space.

Shredder – Rest easy knowing that you have the ability to not only delete private data, but shred it. SlimCleaner lets you remove files using a process that makes it impossible for them to be recovered.

Hijack Log – Get a fully interactive list of all the software components running on your PC: Toolbars, Services, Startup Entries, Codecs, Drivers, ActiveX Objects and more. Take control of your computer’s functions by getting on-demand information about any given entry.

Windows Tools – One-Click access to all of Windows’ monitoring and diagnostics tools. Don’t hunt for the stats and information you need, get a head’s up display. From one panel you can access the Device Manager, Security Settings, Backup and Restore, System Information and more.

System requirements: Windows 7, Vista and XP (32 bit and 64 bit).

Download at: Developer’s site –

If you’re looking for a freeware application that not only gets in there and cleans out the deep dirt, but offers a range of additional functionality, then SlimCleaner should definitely make your short list.

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27 responses to “Free SlimCleaner Final – Optimizer, Uninstaller, Shredder and Anti- Hijacker Built In

  1. Bill,

    Just a few weeks back I was playing with the beta on this. Your review has convinced me to give the final version another look. I like what I am seeing.


  2. John

    Interesting information Bill. Is this similar to Immunet and, if so, how many starts would you give each of them?

  3. Sounds great Bill. I’ll check it out!

  4. This is a nice tool, this is a great alternative to CCleaner.

  5. kenneth lunkins

    Hi bill
    i have been trying to remove some programs from my vista compaq, and i loaded slimcleaner, last night, but everyone programm i tried to remove refuses one such is Dream Aqaurium, gumnotes and a few others. you think i may not be doing this correctly?


  6. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    You won’t be surprised that I’m going to give this a whirl.

    Thank you for your review; excellent as always.

    Kind regards

    • Hi John,

      I’d be very interested in hearing of your experience with this, once you’ve had a chance to give it a bit of a workout.



      • John Bent

        Hi Bill,

        Be happy to let you know how it goes.

        Kind regards

      • John Bent

        Hi Bill,

        I’ve now given SlimCleaner a whirl. Not much to add to your own findings. The download and install went seamlessly with Revo and the program very quickly produced an analysis of my computer which could be saved if required.

        The Windows tools gave quick access to a number of Windows utilities that the casual user might find helpful. Also there is an automatic clean feature for those who just want action without having to get too involved with the nuts and bolts. The advanced interface was very comprehensive and great for a control freak like me.

        I did a clean after running CCEnhancer and CCCleaner with 2 scans on both Applications and Registry. SlimCleaner came up with a further 29mb of stuff for deletion.

        By “liking” SlimCleaner on Facebook you get access to further free Slim software. This includes SlimDrivers, which I downloaded. It showed that all my drivers are present, complete and up to date. I did expect this to be the case, having recently run the Driver Helper facility included with Advanced SystemCare 4. It was good to have the confirmation, however.

        In my opinion this is an easy-to -use application with a number of useful features. I would suggest using it in conjunction with other utilities, as I have done, as a second or third level of protection.

        I did find Advanced SystemCare (also free) to be more comprehensive for my requirements and there are a number of other free utilities out there. Also I was not impressed with having to “like” on Facebook to gain access to features that are included with other programs.

        I hope your readers find this brief and subjective review to be of some help Bill.

        Kind regards

  7. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    Have been trying this out the last day or so, I think it is an excellent tool. Slick interface, easy to understand and good performance. Excellent for the non-techie types. A keeper for sure.

    • Hey Mal,

      Yeah, it’s a neat piece of work alright. Particularly, as you point out – for less experienced users.

      Have a great weekend, my friend – and stay warm! 🙂



  8. HarleyBBorn

    Hey Bill……

    I just cam across your article on slim cleaner, so i thought that i would try it out and see how it works. Plus it is free also! I was checking out therre website to see what other products they offer. I came across there slim drivers software which is also free. Have you or anyone that you know tried this one out?


  9. Hi Bill, just stopping buy to say thank you for the detailed coverage you are providing on emerging technologies such as ours. Also, if any one has problems or questions, or wants to beta test the latest stuff, they can visit our forums at:

    and if you just love being updated on everything SlimWare Utilities, you can like us on:

    oh and @ John Bent: thank you for your detailed analysis of the app! Just want to clarify one point: you do NOT need to “like” us on facebook to get any apps from us, you ust miss a lot of early releases and updates. You can always download the latest public builds by going to and the links there will point you in the right directions. Hope that helps!
    And thank you again! It’s users like you who make our products tick!

    Keep up the great work Bill! You’re site is an invaluable asset and should be followed by all PC enthusiasts!

    Chris – SlimWare Utilities

  10. @ John Bent
    No problem! Thanks for trying us out!