And, You’re Surprised You Got Screwed On Facebook?

imageIt’s a holiday weekend here in Canada, and in honor of Queen Victoria’s birthday, I’m taking the sun, drinking some beer, and ogling the passing scenery. All of that hard work has drained me of the energy I need to write a fresh article.    Winking smile

So, given the circumstance, you’ll allow me (I’m sure), to take the easy way out and repost an article (through the magic of connected devices), originally published on August 28, 2010.    

Not a day goes by, it seems, when Facebook and the opportunities it presents for cyber criminal activity, isn’t in the News. Not mainstream News, of course, since cyber crime rarely involves sex, or violence.

Mainstream media, where salacious and violent news reports rule the airwaves, determined, it seems to me, it had nothing to gain by advising you of the following, very unsexy, non violent, Facebook threats – all from this week incidentally.

‘LOL is this you?’ spam spreading via Facebook chat

Facebook scam: “I may never text again after reading this”

How to Spot Facebook Scams Like ‘Dislike’

Facebook Fires Back at ACLU’s Criticism of ‘Places’

Facebook Warns of Clickjacking Scam

But, throw Facebook and sex into the equation, and mainstream media are out of the gate as if shot from a cannon.

The discovery, that a pedophile ring which used Facebook as their communication channel had been broken up, and the perpetrators arrested, made headlines around the world, just yesterday.

And why not? This is the kind of news event that allows the media to exhibit their moral outrage and indignation. But, when it comes to occurrences that can effect you, if you are a Facebook subscriber, for example – no outrage; no moral indignation. Curious, no?

Maybe I’m missing something here. It’s unlikely, but still I wonder if there’s consensus in the mainstream media community, that Facebook users who become victims of cyber criminals are getting exactly what they deserve?

At one time, I gave the benefit of the doubt to victimized Facebook users, since most typical computer users (I believed), made assumptions that sites like Facebook, and other social networking sites, were essentially safe, and harmless – that Facebook, and others, were looking out for their users interests.

I’ve long since given up on this rather naive view of Facebook users lack of culpability in any harm they were exposed to though. I find it difficult to be supportive of people who throw common sense out the window, and behave irrationally on the Internet.

Given the state of the current, and increasing cyber criminal activity on the Internet, it’s almost certain that exposure to cybercrime on Facebook will continue to escalate, and with it, the dangers that this presents.

Note: As of today’s date – May 22, 2011 – the incidence of cyber criminal activity on Facebook continues to escalate dramatically.

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6 responses to “And, You’re Surprised You Got Screwed On Facebook?

  1. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    Can I come visit you? Coz it’s bloody freezing here lol.
    It wouldn’t matter how many times you reposted this article, it is always relevant.
    Enjoy that cold beer

  2. Hi Bill,

    Hope you have a great holiday weekend. 🙂 Cold and dreary here. lol

    I have never been tempted to join Facebook or any of the other social networks; I just don’t trust them.

    I also think a lot of people are going to get burned when they float the company in the near future. Those in the know will get out as soon as it floats, (they’re already selling their private shares) leaving the ordinary person holding a worthless piece of paper. I can’t believe the valuation they’re putting on it, $70-80Billion! For what? It doesn’t sell anything but advertising.

    • Hey Paul,

      Thanks, the same to you – (warm and toasty here).

      BTW, the new site layout looks TERRIFIC – most impressive. I’ve enjoyed your “short story” feature so, starting today, and every Monday, I’ll highlight one of your short stories on Tech Net News. I think regular readers will enjoy your writing just as much as I do.



      • Thank you Bill. I really appreciate you linking to my stories here on Tech Net News.

        I realise you have a lot of traffic, and a big online presence, and I am honoured you like my stories enough to recommend them to your readers.

        I’m glad you like the new blog layout too. It took some getting there but I think I’m happy with it now.

        Thank you Bill.