Lock Your Computer’s Folders With Free BuduLock

imageIf you’re on the hunt for a free privacy application designed to password protect folders on your drives, including USB drives, then you’ll be interested in BuduLock.

As a bonus, BuduLock will protect your PC from unauthorized USB flash drive access by implementing password protection – password protection which effectively disables USB operations on your system. Considering that malware infection by Flash Drives, is the second leading cause of system infection ….

This small application is driven by a self explanatory tabbed interface, which even less experienced users will find easy to follow. Simply choose the folder to be locked – enter a password – and you’re done.


Browsing to the selected folder in Windows Explorer reveals that the folder has been successfully locked, as indicated by the “lock” icon – shown in the following screen capture.


Unlocking the folder is the process in reverse. Launch the application – highlight the selected folder – enter your password – done.


Flash Drive Blocker:

When you disable the USB port, unauthorized users (those without the password), will be denied access.

Flash Drive Blocker Requirements:

UAC setting (User Account Control) feature must be disabled to use this feature. (Go to Control Panel > User Account > Turn UAC On or Off)

No password is required during the initial setup – (blank password). To setup and change your password, go to “Change Password”.

BuduLock will only disable the USB port for flash drive for that particular computer. It does not disable your flash drive.

System requirements: Windows Vista, Win 7.

Download at: Developer’s site.

The application is slightly more cumbersome to use than it needs to be – no access is available by way of the context menu. The addition of context menu access to the lock/unlock function is an improvement the developer should consider.

Other than this convenience issue, I found BuduLock very easy to use and perfect for locking folders on shared machines.

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5 responses to “Lock Your Computer’s Folders With Free BuduLock

  1. Hey Bill,

    Just posted the CNET promo where one can get free laplink PC lock software 24 hours hurry up let your readers inform about it.

  2. Robert Davis

    Well Thank you To Budulock ..This is a very neat piece of software, After looking at a lot of free folder locking software I came across this one ,
    The Con’s
    The only crititism I can find is There is no option to Hide the protected folder and your password will pop up on sreen before you protect the file I understand this does have its advantages but you have no way of dissableing this feature and no good if somebody happens to be standing over you at the time of protecting your folder..
    The pro’s
    This software has no limitations I tried my best and protected a folder 6.9GB in size successfully
    This software is truly free