Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – May 19, 2011

Cloudmark DesktopOne Basic 1.2 – Cloudmark protects every kind of email account where most of its competitors just manage one or two types. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and accurate. This free product remains PCMag’s Editors’ Choice for antispam.

IE Malware Blocking Has Stopped 1.5 Billion Bad Downloads – The reputation services built into Internet Explorer 8 and 9 block or flag the overwhelming majority of malicious code users are likely to see.

How to Maximize the Life of Your SSD – An SSD drive is a worthwhile investment, but like any storage device, it can fail. In fact, failing isn’t that uncommon. As with your spinning drives, you should always set up a good backup solution, and you can do plenty to take full advantage of your SSD, but you can also take steps to maximize your SSD’s lifespan. Here’s how.

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Facebook Security: You’re the Problem – PCMag’s Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff has looked deeply into Facebook security policies and vulnerabilities and has found the problem: you. Don’t blame Facebook’s share-first architecture or inability to control malicious app developers. Lance says the problem is you can’t keep yourself from clicking on links teasing financial windfalls or other more salacious rewards. Not sure I am with him on this….

One in fourteen Internet downloads is Windows malware – Microsoft admits that one in fourteen downloads are Windows malware. And you thought the Mac having malware trouble was news!

An AppleCare support rep talks: Mac malware is “getting worse” – Over the weekend, I got an e-mail from an AppleCare support rep, who was responding to my recent reports of Mac malware being found in the wild. At least one prominent voice in the Mac community dismisses these reports as “crying wolf.” The view from inside an Apple call center says it’s for real.

Bugs and Fixes: Adobe gives Users Privacy Controls; Skype Patches Extremely Dangerous Vulnerability – This month Skype released a long awaited patch for a vulnerability that is extremely dangerous and could allow an attacker to remotely gain control of a system. Adobe released privacy controlls earlier this month, allowing you to control how much privacy you want. Microsoft also released a tiny Patch Tuesday.

Stolen credit card numbers advertised via Twitter – You would expect online criminals to want to keep a low profile and restrict their attempts of selling stolen wares to shady online criminal forums, but every once in a while some of them surprise us with unusual attempts such as advertising their stolen goods via Twitter.

SpyEye Trojan attacks Verizon’s online payment page – Trusteer discovered a configuration of the SpyEye Trojan targeting Verizon’s online payment page and attempting to steal payment card information. The attack took place between May 7th and 13th.

Mac Protector: Fake AV targets Mac OS X users – A little over two weeks have passed since the appearance of MAC Defender, the fake AV solution targeting Mac users. And seeing that the approach had considerable success, it can hardly come as a surprise that attackers chose to replicate it. This time, the name of the rogue AV is Mac Protector, and according to McAfee, the downloaded Trojan contains two additional packages.

Company News:

Microsoft Web Application Configuration Analyzer 2.0 released – Web Application Configuration Analyzer (WACA) is a tool that scans a server against a set of best practices recommended for pre-production and production servers.

T-Mobile wants to buy your old phone, regardless of who made it – Tired of that iPhone? Give it to T-Mobile. Via the company’s new trade-in program, customers can give T-Mobile their old phones in exchange for money. T-Mobile will pay up to $300 for your device, though we’re not sure what phone will net you a buy back price that high.

New Nook coming from Barnes & Noble May 24 – A day after Barnes & Noble announced that its Nook Color App Store had surpassed 1 million downloads, the company says that it is readying another major annoucement: A new Nook.

Netflix Is Largest Source of Internet Traffic in North America – Bittorrent is no longer the biggest source of Internet traffic, but entertainment companies have no reason to be happy about that. It has been replaced by Netflix, the subscription Internet streaming company. This is huge news because it shows how Netflix is re-shaping primetime TV, consumer habits, and disrupting the entire entertainment industry. Right now, Netflix is being used by 28% of the U.S. population. What happens when that number grows? PCMag’s Leslie Horn has more details.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Journalist arrested for article on Facebook privacy flaw – Australian journalist Ben Grubb was arrested yesterday following the publishing of an article he wrote about a demonstration of how to access Facebook photos even if they are protected by the right privacy settings.

Teardown Exposes Covert FBI GPS Auto-Tracker Secrets – In recent years, several motorists found – entirely by chance – that FBI agents had secretly installed GPS devices underneath their vehicles that were capable of constantly tracking their location. Wired managed to get its hands on a tracker used by the FBI six years ago and turned it over to the teardown artists at iFixit, who disassembled the device. We show you what the folks at iFixit found.

Secret Service questions teen over Osama bin Laden post on Facebook – 13-year-old Vito LaPinta of Tacoma, Washington faced federal interrogation by a Secret Service agent over a Facebook posting that warned US President Obama of suicide bombers. The boy posted a message on Facebook after Osama bin Laden was killed on May 2, 2011, courtesy of the US Navy SEAL Team Six. He told Obama to be careful of possible retaliatory acts against him by other terror members.

Stop being duped by the 3D scam – The entertainment and electronics industries keep trying to push 3D on consumers, even though a lot of smart people have caught on to the fact that it’s a scam. It’s time to stop the madness.

Today’s Quote:

The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet.”

–    William Gibson

Today’s Free Downloads:

SecureBrowsing – M86 SecureBrowsing makes it safe to search, surf and socialize online. This free browser plug-in displays security icons next to links on search engines and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so you’ll know which pages are safe and which ones to avoid. (recommended by Michael F.)

Fresh Download 8.70 – Fresh Download is an easy-to-use and very fast download manager software that turbo charge downloading files from the Internet, such as your favorite software, mp3 files, video files, picture collections, etc.

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