Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – May 16, 2011

Augment your data storage options with Windows 7 Live File System format – If you are looking to augment or expand your existing data storage options and you have a CD- or DVD-burner on your Microsoft Windows 7 System, then you need to investigate the Live File System format. This new system will allow you to essentially use a CD-RW or DVD-RW disk just like a USB flash drive. In other words, you’ll be able to incrementally add individual files or groups of files to the disc over time.

Flash Player 10.3 Fixes 11 Flaws, Updates Privacy – Adobe Flash Player 10.3 is now available, fixing at least 11 security flaws, one of which is already been exploited in the wild. The Flash 10.3 update also includes enhanced privacy protections, providing an additional layer of security for users.

Blast Pics Over E-mail With PhotoRocket – PhotoRocket (free beta) makes sharing photos just about as easy as it can get. This handy application lets you share photos via e-mail with little more than the click of a mouse. Once PhotoRocket is installed, you can use it whenever you’re viewing a photo or group of photos–whether those photos reside on your hard drive, a Web site, or just about anywhere. You simply select a single photo or multiple images, right-click them, and choose “Share via PhotoRocket” from the menu that appears.

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Chromebooks Are Doomed to Fail – A month from today, the Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer will hit the street. Google hopes to revolutionize mobile computing and free us from the shackles of the traditional PC experience, but the Chromebook is going to fizzle. Why? Three reasons: culture, functionality, and price.

Green Light is On — Sony PlayStation Network Returns in US – After an embarrassing breach that compromised millions of users’ personal information, Sony has switched back on the PlayStation Network in the U.S.

The rise of rogue AV – April saw a continued increase in the volume of detected malware, with 73,000 new variants of threats being released daily – a 26 percent increase over the same period last year, according to GFI Software.

Chromebook: A new class of risks – With Cloud centric OS’es, the race will be towards stealing access credentials, after which, it’s game over. Who needs to steal banking accounts, when you have Google Checkout? Or, who needs to monitor passwords, when they’re all nicely stored into the Google Dashboard?

PSN attackers allegedly used Amazon cloud for attack – Attackers (mis)used the Amazon cloud to mount their attack against Sony’s online services and systems, and they did it legally, says Bloomberg. According to an unnamed source, the attackers used fake information to rent a server from which they launched the attack. Amazon declined to comment the allegation, but according to the source, the account in question has been shut down.

Microsoft Says It’s Not Tracking Windows Phones – In a post to the Microsoft on the Issues blog this week, Andy Lees, president of Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business, declared that the software giant’s Windows Phones will no longer send any identifiable information about users’ devices to location services.

Protect Your Data From the Breach Epidemic – Sony’s PSN data breach got all the headlines, but this sort of attack is hardly rare. Here’s what should you know about such breaches, and how to protect your data.

Company News:

PC Lock protects from identity theft, privacy invasion – Laplink released PC Lock, data encryption software with cloud management. Its Web Management Console lets users modify preferences, change settings, reset passwords, lock the data on a missing or stolen PC and remotely delete data. The console is accessible from any web-enabled device, including smartphones, allowing management from virtually anywhere.

Free check verification and validation of bank accounts – Prolog Corporation unveiled gValidate, a free service that protects its members from financial harm by providing a free centralized resource to validate financial accounts, verify payments by check and notify account holders pre-emptively of check activity associated with their accounts.

Google Chromebooks Seek Enterprise Blessing – The Chrome OS model urges consumers, businesses and schools to store their content entirely in Google’s cloud of servers, accessing Web applications such as Gmail and Google Docs from the Chrome browser on commodity computers.

9 Ways Microsoft is Winning!…and Losing! – How did Microsoft achieve this feat after stinkers such as Windows Vista, Live Search, and IE7? It’s easy. Microsoft appears to have one speed–“go.” It’s a software company addicted to winning, even as it fails. After all, it wouldn’t be Microsoft unless it was losing in some way. Let’s take a look.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Is the Cellphone Killing the Honeybee? – A Swiss researcher says mobile phone-generated electromagnetic fields may contribute to Colony Collapse Disorder.

This Image Processing Application will Blow Your Mind – I like to keep up with technology but sometimes I encounter something that totally exceeds what I thought was possible. Possible at a practical level that is, rather than theoretical. The Microsoft ICE image panorama program is a good example. When I first saw it It struck me as pure technological black magic. To see what the Pix4D can do check out this video. (submitted by Michael F.)

Cracked: 6 Ad Campaigns That Prove Humanity Is Doomed – Everybody complains about ads, but ads are nothing more than a reflection of ourselves. There are boobs in that hamburger ad because we have demonstrated that boobs make us buy hamburgers. The companies and their ad agencies are doing nothing more than giving us what we demand. And that’s what makes the following ad campaigns so goddamned disturbing. They’re clearly made with the assumption that lots and lots of us are, at heart, terrible human beings.

HP WiFi Mobile Mouse Doesn’t use a USB port & instantly reconnects each time it’s used. Operates without interference from other wireless devices. Battery life more than double that of comparable Bluetooth models. Five customizable buttons – create shortcuts for common actions including cut, paste, undo and redo, while a smooth, four-way tilt scroll wheel will help you improve control while scrolling up and down or side to side. Working range 30 feet. (submitted by Michael F.)

Today’s Quote:

He can compress the most words into the smallest ideas of any man I ever met.”

–    Abraham Lincoln

Today’s Free Downloads:

Bins – While the Windows 7 taskbar lets you “pin” applications and turn them into permanent buttons, the rule is “one button per application,” Windows 7 won’t let you pin documents onto the taskbar. Bins happily breaks this rule, and lets you pin multiple applications and documents to a single taskbar icon.

Taskbar Items Pinner – Aptly named Taskbar Items Pinner, you can: it lets you add a wealth of extra goodies to the Taskbar, everything from your Pictures folder and Printers menu to individual files, folders, and even Web sites.

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