Monitor Your Hardware From The Desktop, With Free All CPU Meter

As you can see from the screen capture of my desktop, I’m a minimalist. Maybe I’m a throwback to an earlier age, but I like the look of a clean desktop – I don’t even show desktop icons.

Click graphic to expand.


Those applications I use every day, have been added to the taskbar. It works for me – a clean desktop and, ready access to frequently used programs.

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But you will, no doubt, have noticed two desktop gadgets displayed. One is a calendar (got to know the day and the date), and the other gadget is one I can’t do without – All CPU Meter.


Since I’m mildly obsessive when it comes to hardware monitoring –  All CPU Meter gives me the following information which makes it an easy task:

How hard the CPU is working.

Ram used, and Ram free.

And, most importantly – the processors core temperatures

As an added bonus, double clicking on the gadget brings up Windows Task Manager, which I refer to frequently.

Once installed, choosing the options which best suit your needs is easy.


System requirements: Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008 (64 bit supported).

Supported: Twenty Four Core, Sixteen Core, Twelve Core, Eight Core, Six Core, Quad Core, Triple Core, Dual Core or Single Core.

Download at: Windows Live (Microsoft)

NOTE: In order to show core temperatures, All CPU Meter relies on an additional stand alone application – CoreTemp.

Download CoreTemp at:

In the two years or so, that I’ve been running with this Gadget, I’ve not experienced any problems – it just sits on the desktop doing its job.

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12 responses to “Monitor Your Hardware From The Desktop, With Free All CPU Meter

  1. Michael Fisher

    Hi Bill

    Here’s Pemaquid Point Light, Maine [video] in Canadian/Irish mode ~ good backing track too ~ enjoy !

  2. David f

    Nice gadget Bill.
    Just to let you know, there is a new version available from the addgadget website.

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for the update. I have a habit of turning off auto updates on all but system and security updates, and I’ll often be left behind. 🙂


  3. John

    Hi Bill,
    And here I was thinking it was a picture of your house, and also thinking oh that’s good he has plenty of guest rooms for when I come and pay him a visit, damm it. 🙂

    Looks like it’s no good for us XP users, shame because I’m looking for a new calender / taskbar clock at the moment.


  4. I love this meter, shows me all 8 cores working away on the few programs that use them.
    Take care.

  5. Keith

    Here’s some for XP users from Majorgeeks Monitoring category, more at the site.

    Majorgeeks Monitoring category

    Cool Beans System Info

    FreeMeter 2.8.2

    Memory and CPU Observer 2.3 Beta



  6. Keith

    More ideas from Gizmo’s freeware! Nice looking system monitors!