xplorer2 lite Freeware – A Better Windows Explorer

imageYou might think that your stuck with the Windows Explorer version that your particular version of Windows supports – but, your not. While the Windows 7 version of Explorer is an improvement over previous versions, it still falls short in several areas for those of us who manage files on a daily basis.

A freeware Windows Explorer replacement* xplorer2 lite, offers a number of additional functions including dual panes, and folder tabs, which should make your file management tasks more efficient.

* during installation you may choose to replace Windows Explorer, or you may (as I have done), install xplorer2 lite side-by-side with Windows Explorer.

Typical Windows Explorer display – in this case Windows 7. (Click on graphic to expand).


xplorer2 lite display in dual pane mode – showing local disk C: and data partition D: (Click on graphic to expand).


xplorer2 lite display in thumbnail mode.


A considerable list of additional display options are available through column optimization.


A very cool tip of the day function helps users learn to take advantage of the great features in xplorer2 lite. Examples are shown below.




Fast facts:

Dual panes and folder tabs

Browse everywhere (all shell namespace)

Preview documents, pictures, music, video

Side by side views for easy file management

Filter and select with wildcards

Synchronize folders

System requirements: Windows All (32 & 64 bit) 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7

Languages supported: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and more.

Download at: Developer’s site

xplorer2 lite edition portable version available at: SmithTechSoftware

A caveat – during installation you will be offered a Toolbar. As always, you should reject the offer.

My thanks to Michael F. for reacquainting me with this neat freeware application. I actually run xplorer2 on a Win XP Pro system, but since I don’t do much file management on that system, it had slipped to the back of the pack, so to speak, until Michael’s timely reminder.

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2 responses to “xplorer2 lite Freeware – A Better Windows Explorer

  1. ECL

    Nice review but not quite accurate as you failed to advise that the free software is not 64-bit and will not display all information properly when one is operating a 64-bit OS. You also did not mention the freeware version of this software is severely limited when compared to the paid one, which makes it almost useless. These caveats are more than a mere oversight; did you not check out the program’s website? It does lead one to wonder how accurate your information and advise is.