Ditch Facebook – Go Private With Free Flink12

imageThere are 600 Million plus, active Facebook users, but I must confess – I’m not one of the active users. It’s true, I do have a Facebook page but, I use it sparingly.

Since many software developers are now into the – “visit our Facebook page, click on the Like button, and we’ll give you ……….” school of marketing,  I use my Facebook account to meet this manipulative requirement.

My list of grievances with Facebook is a long one, but privacy, or more precisely, the lack of privacy, overrides all other concerns – I’ll leave the considerable security issues aside, for the moment.

I’ve always found it difficult to get a handle on Facebook’s constantly shifting definition of privacy and, it’s difficult to understand and hard to apply, personal privacy restrictions.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I just can’t get my head around the idea of putting private information out into the ether of the Internet. On the other hand, there are those who love the Facebook experience, and it seemingly plays an important role in their lives. I think it’s safe to say, that this is a market which will continue to grow exponentially.

Some people see this as inevitable progress – but I’m not one of them. Instead, my definition of progress in this market, is the development of private social networking platforms. Platforms that are designed specifically for friends, families, and  work teams, to privately share, discuss, organize photos, videos, etc., – all in a single easy to use private environment.

One such platform that caught my attention recently is Flink12. It was a “no-brainer” really. An application that can set out in a sentence, or three, an approach to privacy that meets my requirements, is sure to grab my attention.

Here’s what Flink12 has to say on social sharing privacy:

“Privacy first” is the highest priority at Flink12. This approach ensures that your personal information will remain completely secure. With no privacy settings to manage, your information is automatically safe. Personal information will not indexed on the web by search engines. You decide when, where and how much of your life you want to share and with whom.”

Since Flink12 passed my first test, I went on to the next set of questions – did it meet my requirements for functionality? Did it meet my requirements for usability? It did in both cases – and, the following list of features was very convincing.

Fast facts:

Safe & Private – Our “Privacy first” approach ensures that your personal information will remain private. Your information will not be indexed on the web by search engines. We designed Flink12 at its roots to be “udderly” private. Users have complete control.

Easy Photo Sharing – Easy to upload, free, fast, private photo sharing. Caption your photos. Comment on photos. There are several options for sharing each photo and privatizing comments. It’s truly the best way to share photos and comments.

Private Texting/Chat – Free instant communication one-on-one between you and any person in your Flink. Texting is free on Flink12.

Blogging – Write about your personal thoughts and activities as often as you wish. Blogging on Flink12 is quick, easy and fun. There are several options for sharing of blogs and comments amongst your flinks.

Friend Mapping – See where your friends are anytime, worldwide. You have a choice to show your location to your Flink friends or not. Very useful for travelers or friends and relatives across the globe or meeting up with friends for coffee.

Playful Icon Themes – Never forget to play. Our icons are all about expressing yourself in a playful way. Flink icons are uniquely humorous and allow you to quickly share your mood, health, activities and events using preset text or by entering your own text. Choices of several fun themes such as Moms & Babies, Sports Fans, Diva’s, Teens and Pets are coming soon.

Web & Apps – You can join and update on any platform- website, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android and you only have to post it once- Flink 12 updates seamlessly on all platforms.

Alerts – There are several options for notifications or alerts from your friends. On mobile, MOO’s and cowbells let you know when your friends have posted fresh news.

For more information and to sign up – visit the developer’s site: Flink12

Bottom line:

Flink12 is a technology rich application; full of powerful features – many more than I’ve been able to cover in this short review. At the same time, Flink12 has been designed for speed and simplicity.

If you’re into social networking and privacy is a concern, then take Flink12 for a test drive – I think you’ll be glad you did.

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10 responses to “Ditch Facebook – Go Private With Free Flink12

  1. Hey Bill,

    I have to say that I used to have a facebook account and I handled it mostly like you said, to advertise my site and what not, but I decided I really didn’t need it comparing it to the unstable privacy issues that seem to come up.

    It’s nice to know there is a social network out there based on privacy.

    Thanks for the article


    • Hey TeX,

      Facebook makes adjustments to their privacy policy constantly – but never gets it quite right. See – An open letter to Facebook about safety and privacy, from Sophos (April, 18, 2011)

      • Standing For God

        That letter is spot on but I wonder how long it took for facebook to hit the delete button? lol

        • Hey TeX,

          I hear ya. 🙂

          I said the same thing, sort of – more than 2 years ago re: Facebook’s lack of responsiveness –

          Arguably, a case could be made that Facebook, and others, subscribe to the “head in the sand syndrome” – if we ignore it will go away, if we ignore it then it can’t be real, if we ignore it will get better, since to acknowledge this issue, and to give it the focus it deserves, would erode consumer confidence in the product. Good corporate thinking, huh?



  2. g

    I spend a fair amount of time and administer our company fb page as well. I try to be as careful as possible with the security but you are right that it is a moving target.

    I appreciate you posting an article about flink. I’m gonna grab it right away!!

    Thanks and take care Bill.

    • Hey G,

      That’s a great example of Facebook’s value – it works well as an advertising tool for business. But, as you point out, security is a “moving target.”



  3. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    With you all the way on this one. Don’t use Farcebook unless I have to. Don’t feel the need to know what my friends are thinking or where they are every hour of every day. I’m not insecure enough think I need thousands of “friends” or that my doings are of any interest to others, or any of their business for that matter.

    I’m perfectly capable of communicating with those that matter to me , always have been.

    Guess it’s a generational thing and I’m a BOF, but I’m proud of it! Can you just help me down from this soapbox?

    Kind regards

    • Hi John,

      Yes, I agree it’s a generational thing. Unfortunately, information posted to the Internet has permanency – it’s there forever. I suspect that in time, many Facebook users will come to regret their carefree attitude towards posting personal information.



  4. Hi Bill
    I was beginning to worry about you! A few days ago you offered free software. Then the ram came–it was necessary to have a facebook account for success. I have never been on, nor do I ever intend to do that. I will do without the software. Now you are putting facebook down and recommending another social website. What next? Sincerely algator

    • Hey Algator,

      I have made the point here, in many, many articles, that I am not a supporter of Facebook. I have also made the point previously, that I do in fact have a Facebook page, that I use for specific purposes. I do not use it to post personal information.

      Facebook works to my advantage – downloading special offers such as the one you refer to, is just one example. I’m hardly alone in using Facebook in this way – I’m aware, that for many readers of this site, this is a common practice. I’m sure those readers, and others, appreciate an opportunity to consider downloading an exceptional application like Paragon System Backup, at no cost.

      As well, this is not the first, nor the only time, I’ve reviewed and recommended alternatives to Facebook for those readers who see an advantage in social networking, but understand the benefits of a private application.